The Truth Behind the iPhone 4 Retina Display



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The Truth? I don't know, not a great story. It just always seems like someone is trying to bash Apple, and Mac/Life ( Delio ) its jumping on the band wagon. Its nice to have unbiased articles, but I still didn't learn anything from reading the article. Hmmm." Apple's claim falls under glorious wording rather than numerical-spec abuse—and even with quantitative analysis, it's minor compared to what other manufacturers are saying. I sent Steve Jobs an email explaining that and got a reply from him.”
And what was Jobs reply? It was never mentioned.



Nobody really knows what the new iPhone will have. Apple hasn't released any specs on updates nor when new version will be released.
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That's why it is called 'marketing'. You take a tiny fact about something, you add you own "mojo" to it, through in some pseudo-scientific words (retina) and BAM! you got high-tech marketing at its best! And nobody does it better than SJ.

Really, is it about the math! Nope, it is about does it look good or does it look REALLY good.

Besides as far as the math goes, I had a professor in college prove that 1+1=1 by just using a little "funky algebra".



What a load of obfuscatory crap this story is. If you're out to reveal truths, try expressing them with clarity and in concise form.



In the title of this article it is put forth that we will learn the "Truth" about the iPhone 4 Retina Display. Well, where is it? There is discussion from differing opinions, but nothing comes close to making a decision about the display that gives us any information that is not already discussed in much more detail elsewhere. Is there no conclusion to be made from your discoveries? And if not, why would you assert a capital "t" Truth can be formed?

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