7 Essential Features Left Off of the iPad



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The inability to watch Flash videos, which are very popular through out mobile phone users, in ipad is questionable. Users may thin that Apple has left it off from ipad intentionally.
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USB is a sine-qua-non feature in any kind of device which needs any kind of data transferring. It is the most used and popular way of interchanging data among various devices.
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I don't why it is happening time to time. Every time that Apple produces something new, they misses out some important features from it.
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Flash has become a versatile application these days. Various types of application can be produced using Flash and I cannot figure out why Apple left it off from ipad.
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Ipad users will certainly miss VOIP. It's becoming more and more popular among the mobile phone users all over the world. It should be an essential feature in the future mobile phones and devices.
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Camera has become a sine-qua-non feature in every phone nowadays. Ipad users will definitely miss that one. I cannot think what made producers to left it out from ipad.
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What does the i pad offer that isn't on the i phone?



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I am going to get this iPad as soon as it gets out I have been saving since Christmas so my Birthday has passed also.
I have a strong feeling that next year they will be upgrading the iPad to have these fetures and when that happens I will be very dissapointed. But I just cant wait until next year to do this. This is apples way of making everyone want to buy an updated one next year, when these go opsolite. What are you going to do? Hey it is still amazing!



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Apple website:
"The 30-pin connector on the bottom of the iPad allows you to dock and charge it. It also lets you connect to iPad accessories like the Camera Connection Kit and the Keyboard Dock."
so Apple "camera connection kit" :) ahah! I think that is the way we might be able to get the camera on the infamous ipad! :) and there are also no pictures of this accesory on the site. Maybe apple didn't tell us everything about the ipad afterall!



The big problem I see is that it requires yet another subscription to use on the road. It should have a port or dock for the i-phone built in so that you can browse the web using the 3G connection of your phone. I have an AT&T 3g access card in addition to my i-phone 3G. So now to get the 3G service on the i-pad I have to pay another $55 month for access to the AT&T 3G network. I know I can probably remove the SIM card from my access card (or i-phone for that matter) and get the 3g connection to work but Apple should have seen this as an issue ahead of time and forced AT&T to allow tethering, even if it is in a limited download capacity. Or better yet, allow for competition and provide the option to go to another GSM/3G carrier.

Hey Apple.....How about some reward for loyal customers? Maybe go ahead and announce a significant discount to potential Gen 1 buyers on the purchase of a future Gen 2 model. That way we can go ahead and buy an i-pad now knowing we will not have to shell out full price for a improved model of virtually the same thing we already have.

I firmly understand the concept of future improvements and a solid business model, but it would be nice to see a future i-pad that provides deep integration with products already owned by your loyal client base. The concept that I think works so great for apple is that in which all relevant products work together seamlessly and serve a purpose. What device(s) does the i-pad work with that increases the value of having other apple products? Case in point: I pay around $250 a month for my wife's and my i-phone and another $55 a month for 3G service; total: $305 a month. Just make it so I don't have to pay another $55 a month for 3G service and so I don't have to swap SIM cards on a regular basis and I will buy one for me and one for my wife. Thanks.


Dave in Kauai

If they had combined a Macbook Air with a 10" touchscreen, they might have really had something special.

My iPhone sits in my pocket at all times. One reason I use it so much is because it's so functional, but the other reason is because I always have it with me. The iPhone OS is amazing for a phone, but disappointing in for larger device.

The Kindle comes with a "free" always-on data connection and can be read easily in direct sunlight for hours. There's no shortage of content in their bookstore and their prices are fair.

The form factor of the iPad escapes me. It seems awkward as anything but an ereader. I can't imagine how it would be better for anything than any device that already own. I love my Apple products and have most of them. This is going to one of the few things that I "pass" on.



If you can't do contracts and have someone sign it, even with your finger,
it's not going to work for the business world. Not to mention art work and designing. What a waste of a highly touch sensitive screen.
Not much of a Pad.



Seriously, no way to get HD out to an HDTV, which 80% or better of the current TV's produced today are? Even at 720p there should be SOME WAY to get HD out of it to a TV, especially after you make your presentations!

VOIP is useless without the ability to use Video, that's the whole point behind it, who cares if AT&T's network can't handle it, that's why it's aimed squarely at Wi-Fi more than 3G!
Okay so we get Bluetooth, this means we will have a way to hook up a headset to it for audio, where's the video?

Not able to multitask, kids wont want this thing, can't read a book/surf the net while writing their term papers? WTF?

Dock NOT included? Come on, this should be a given, and not one with a hacked keyboard either, one with a FULL keyboard! Doesn't even include a cover, get real here.

$30 for a crippled version of iWork? This has to be a last minute hack that someone threw together in a hurry. Why not just include the full iWork and at least some of the Developer Tools to make this thing somewhat useful... Oh that's right, they only put a 1GHz processor in it, and a new "Apple" processor at that. Get real here, this is just like I've been saying it was from the beginning, an oversized kids toy!

Okay I do understand there are plenty of old farts out there that would love this thing just to read a book on while they are flying to their latest vacation spot and that's all this thing is good for. Steve talked about using this for school, how are kids going to use it, with their implanted 64GB memory chips they had implanted in their brains last year? Yeah right! Can't leave a web page open while they are researching their reports that they are typing out in Pages, what good is it? Can't do their homework using it since they can't keep the book open while doing ANYTHING else.

Where's the handwriting capabilities? You really expect someone to use that cramped excuse for a keyboard to type out notes on? Hell you can't even see what your typing past the first three sentences! I will give it some credit here, at least with the "Touch" keyboard you should be able to keep the caps lock button down and/or the shift key down while you type the letter(s) your trying to type, unlike Mac OS X's Keyboard Viewer! Ever try and use that in a pinch to type in a password that uses special characters that require the shift key to enter a password or even type out a message to someone in a latin based language where the accents are necessary, without a real keyboard? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

You know something else that threw me about the whole thing was when Steve said it works ok for him when referring to how the stupid "Touch" keyboard works. Who cares if it works for you Steve, I wanna know if it will work for people like ME! People who don't have boney fingers or kids fingers!

Why didn't Apple just put a real processor in it? I'm sure the Atom would work perfect for this and get 1.8GHz + speeds while it was at it. Plenty of speed for the Macbook Air, which is just as slim as this thing.

Only 16-64GB storage on this thing? Come on get real here, and you want us to put what on it? Videos? Yeah right, what 2 of them? Why would I put them on here to begin with when I can't even get a decent picture out of it? Then he put a glossy screen on it on top of it, so much for daytime viewing. This may be okay for someone like Steve who rarely gets out of the house but, those of us who do will definitely want something we can actually see outside, to make it useful at all.

Don't even get me started on the overpricing on this oversized iPod Touch, those prices are jokes right?!? Is it April 1st yet?



Ok camera...

Yes, I'd love to see it


Well, honestly that would be a step backwards in what apple is trying to do. They are aiming for a wireless world. Of anything it should have access to a wireless printer or drive thru your airport extreme or better yet to your home network over 3g.


Yes please. Bring it on. I dream of having pandora up while playing a game or surfin the web.


Let's wait for os 4.0


I'd like to wait and see what the iPad os is capable of. Like Steve Jobs said in the keynote, "we want to make something that has a reason to exist"


Isn't there an app for that? Oh wait there is it's called skype!


Great idea but here's a better one. Throw apple's exclusive mini display port (courtesy of @mwilliams09) that way they could make a adadpter to hdmi and make more money from us.



Even though it's running iPhone 3.2, it's essentially iPad 1.0. So, give or take iPhone 4.0, the iPad will get updated, just as the iPhone did. (Anyone notice the chilling similarity to the iPod touch 1.0 interface?).


Roberto Baldwin

I'm really interested to see all the cool features we get in iPhone OS 4.0 and how those will impact the iPad.

I think when that happens, the iPad will really start to wow people. 



You raise an interesting point, bazaarsoft. Who do you think is the target audience for the iPad?


I see where you're coming from, grittyshaker, but that leaves them behind the curve which isn't where Apple likes to think of themselves. Including those things in the first generation lets them be real innovators with the new things that are hot by the time the second gen rolls around.


Go buy a MacBook, which has it all. Come on, this device's target audience isn't someone who wants a notebook - it's those people who don't need the functionality of a notebook, but something less. They aren't out to cannibalize MacBook sales, they're creating a new market which means targeting a new type of customer. With the possible exception of the camera, I doubt any of the above will ever show up on the iPad - it's not needed and adding it would most likely cause the price to go up and/or the reliability to go down (flash). And, there wasn't any mention of disabling/disallowing VOIP apps - the point that it's data only was made to point out that it's not a phone.



Those are the exact same ideas that ran through my head when all the "features" were being described.



You can't put all of these features on the 1st generation iPad because it comes down to two things......smart business and making more money! If they had put all of these features on it then it would have given them limited features for the 2nd generation. Take the iPhone 3G for example. The 3G was capable of everything the 3GS was capable of so why would they leave video camera, voice activation, etc. off? So people will get a sense of buying something new and improved. If the 3G had everything the 3GS had....why would I buy a 3GS? It's called smart business. Yes, you can say that if this doesn't sell then there won't be a 2nd generation iPad but that's highly unlikely. This product has college students written all over it especially having the iBook and iWork apps involved. I'm sure a lot of people would disagree with me on this but I think Apple knows what it's doing.



Well I for one have been waiting for a larger version of the iPhone to come out so I could surf while watching TV or sitting in bed. This fits that niche nicely however I do echo the comments regarding multitasking. I really really really hope that Apple gets on that bandwagon post haste. I'd like to be able to listen to slacker while working in pages or surfing.
Despite that, I'm still looking at getting one. Remember that this is not a replacement for a netbook or laptop - it is a being marketed as something in the middle, which I can appreciate.



Know what this means? a great time for innovative blue tooth accessories to pile out...

Who's gonna make me a bluetooth camera for it so i can ditch my iphone?

because as long as it accepts my headset... i'll just pick up skype and continue using my google voice account for txting and call direction.




This should have been Apple's weapon against both the netbook and tablet PCs. Instead, it looks like they're trying to sell us an iPod Touch that they force fed growth hormones to. I must admit I was blown away by
the iPhone, having been a major blackberry user and minor windows mobile user. I was floored when I finally got my hands on the just recently past generation unibody 13" MacBook, having been a long time user of an ancient HP tablet PC. But this thing just disappoints me to no end. It's just a $500 toy. All Apple had to do was marry the iPhone/iPod Touch screen to the guts of a MacBook Air and they would have had the best slate out there, IMO.
I may, and I'm talking big fuzzy Care Bear(R) in drag may, save up for the 3G + wifi one for
this winter holiday, but I'd rather get my hands on an iMac at this particular moment. That's my two cents, and thanks alot for the let down Apple.

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