Why Flash on the iPhone Will ROCK!!!



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A longtime Apple user who grew up in both the PC world (IBM XT and so forth) and the Apple (since the Apple II and IIe) world, I dig the iPhone highly..
I think Apple will add Flash capability when they can do it 100% right and not offer up a half-assed solution.
Just silly and annoying that still, with a 2nd generation phone and 2 software updates,my old stock LG phone can perform tasks that I used daily that my 3G iPhone cannot.
- text message forwarding
- MMS messages (that has to be the biggest joke ever.. of course, the thing I have done every time is send a message back telling them to send it to my email. Which of course, garners taunting from the sender about my fancy-pants phone not being able to do what their cheapo does. heheh. I mean, like you're really going to write down that code and then the weird password for that "view my message" website through AT&T which, ironically, is a site that runs even slower than myspace on the weekends.
BTW, a good article on how to send / receive MMS/Picture messages on an iPhone: HERE
- copy and paste.. "not a priority"? ok ok.. what can I say that hasn't already been said.
In the past, Apple has almost always donea great job of truly listening to what their users want and all suggestions they have. I just hope that with Apple's success and growth, they don't forget what has kept their customers faithful all of these years.
And if they have to hammer out issues with Adobe or AT&T, its got to happen soon and they should keep their customers in the loop. If they don't address these issues, I think Apple will lose out many customers to the iPhone "clones" that can "boast" that they DO have these simple, expected, phone features.
Of course, thats just my opinion.. I could be wrong..

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