Why Flash Will Suck on the iPhone



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I love Flash. I hate Flash. When it's used mindfully: it's great. But, unfortunately a lot of the time it just adds annoyance. And then, I'm really not sure what people mean when they say they want Flash on their iPhone/iTouch. But maybe I'm just a cranky luddite.



Upon a visit to alphabet-learning.com you will see a beautiful Flash program for teaching the alphabet and numbers to kids. Dolphins do the teaching. Click on a key or use the mouse to select a letter - the dolphin's mouth opens up - three speech bubbles come out with the hand drawn letter inside - the biggest bubble pops open and the dolphin says the letter. With this application (I designed it and found Hamlet - a real decent good programmer to do the Flash for me) available on the iPhone parents are liable to download and give the phone to their two year old to fiddle with in the car, etc. It sure would give me a hand in marketing as I am lacking in that area. I am alaso interested in developing my KidsKeyboard in other languages so there would be English and German, French, Spanish and so on. The phones are also being sold world wide. Lets have Flash already!!! Michaelslevinson.com



It's not so hard to come up with a few downsides to Flash. The real question is: Do we need Apple to decide for us whether we can use Flash or not? I think censorship is a bad idea.

Of course gmsquires is right about Flash surpassing the App store. Why keep the Flash developers out? If anyone has experience with GUI, games and fun, it's them. Trying to cage developers will only result in a fight.

The 'standards' issue is baloney: Flash is not an application in that way. If you are that strict, what about OS X Widgets? I agree with lee_sf and want to see the COMPLETE internet, not just XHTML and javascript.



Dezinewiz - Apple has an alternative video called Quick Time. In John Gruber's discussion of Flash on the iPhone (see second link listed prev post) he states the QT is Apples option but even Apple on the iPhone doesn't have direct integration of a QT movie or graphic with Mobile Safari. When you click on the QT link it opens a window to play said video/graphic.



O.K., so, what is one of the number one programs missing in Apple's arsenal of software? A proper Flash replacement. I could imagine it as a fantastic adjunct to iWeb. Apple should create a Flash type program, and have something like "Publish to iPhone" feature. This will ensure that content created only through this program has a chance, and thusly could be somewhat controlled by Apple. They did it with podcasting - to an extent. Thank you Garage Band. Why not this? Sincerely, Daniel Rappaport Publisher Future Earth Magazine www.futureearthstudios.com cc: Apple, Inc.



For all of those Flashniks out there that insist that Apple allow Flash, I would recommend reading Gruber's articles on Adobe's announcement about making Flash for the iPhone and why it won't happen.



The basic reason is that with Flash you could then make flash based games or other programs available that would bypass the App Store as they would run under Flash not Cocoa Touch which the app is now required to do. It would also be in direct violation of the SDK as it would require "hooks" to Mobile Safari and other base iPhone OS X system functions which only Apple can use.



The whole point of having Safari on the iPhone is to provide full access to the web on a mobile device. Arguing that iPhone users need to be protected from bad Flash content, versus getting said access, is just silly. If I'm buying a house and need to login to to some RE site while away from my desktop computer, I expect the iPhone to just work. I don't care if the site is tacky, slow, or irritating as long as I can get done what needs to be done.

Flash isn't a killer app, it's a top-line requirement for a full-function web device.

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