Feature: 12 Top iPod Speaker Stands

Feature: 12 Top iPod Speaker Stands


Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." And the millions of iPods sold prove that Freddy was onto something. So it makes sense that after you’ve come home after a workout, a walk in the park, or your daily commute, you take out the earbuds - and you still want to listen. You need an iPod speaker rig to broadcast your music for all to hear. Because, you know, life does go on.


Along with the iPod's popularity, the iPod speaker market has exploded. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of speakers to pick and choose from. We've defined four common use scenarios and cherry-picked three speakers systems for each: a home-entertainment setup, a compact music player for the bedroom or den, a portable option for short day trips, and one for when you take longer journeys away from home. The devices all have docks to receive an audio feed from your iPod. And if you have a dockless iPod, the speakers have line-in jacks for connecting a cable from your player’s headphone jack.


As we found, not all iPod speakers offer the same set of features or provide the same audio quality. And they certainly don't fall in the same price range. Still, our findings will help you vastly narrow the field the next time you find yourself contemplating a wall of iPod speaker options.


Follow along over the next four pages to discover our top picks in four categories: Home Entertainment, Around the House, Out and About, and Travel.






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