The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions



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im a big fan of FB Purity, its a great google chrome extension that basically de-crapifies Facebook, to coin a phrase. It filters out the junk messages you dont want to see, such as application spam, and other annoying message types, its fully customisable, including options for setting the font size, and also Custom CSS, for extra flexibility, it comes highly recommended, check it out here: FB Purity :



Hey Cory, this is Rahul from Rapportive. Thanks so much for including us in your list — it's really an honour! We really welcome feedback on the product at — it feeds directly into our development. Thanks again :)

Rahul, CEO of Rapportive


Mr. Happypants

In place of Session Manager I have Session Buddy, which appears to have some of the same functionality without any ads or popups. It does NOT do Groups or scheduled Tab memory however.

Xmarks is an absolute necessity for anybody on multiple machines & platforms.

"Send from Gmail" is great for quickly grabbing a link & zipping it off without opening your whole Gmail page.



Great suggestions. For me, number 2 on your list has been my most used extension by far. I have found the Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer makes viewing documents so much easier and faster. It is one of those extensions that you are not sure how you lived without it before. I also have the Exfm extension but have not been able to devote the time needed to truly understand all that it has to offer. I will check out the rest of your suggestions.

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