10 Coolest Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew About



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Shashwat Shukla

Hey, is there a key which emulates what a tools key on windows machines does....like open properties for the word the cursor is on!



Another way to delete to the right of cursor is with fn + delete.



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Command - Option - i

Press these in Finder while multiple items are selected to see the total size of the selected items in the Multiple Item Info window. If folders are selected, be aware of your permissions to access nested items.



I like command + spacebar, it brings up the spotlight prompt. Do it again to hide spotlight


Robert Bannister

Cmd + Ctrl + Eject is Restart
Something has changed here because that used to be the sleep command.



I'm a huge hot key fanatic. I prefer to use hot keys, rather than mouse, were practical.

One that I use ALL the time is the Enter Key. Both the Enter Key and it's cousin the Return Key can be used to activate whatever button in a dialog box is highlighted blue (usually the OK button or its equivalent). The Enter Key is closest to my mouse hand, so I can hit it practically without letting go of the mouse.

As someone else mentioned, the Command+D will activate the Don't button. A lot of buttons in dialog boxes can be activated by hitting Command+[Initial letter on the button].

So, for example: I open an InDesign document and make a change, then hit Command+W (close window), and the dialog pops up with 3 options — Don't Save (Command+D), Cancel (Esc), or Save, highlighted blue, (Enter or Return).


Chad Stewart

I use these 2 shortcuts all the time

Command + Shift + 3 for a total screen shot or Command + Shift + 4 brings up a crosshair that you can select a section of the screen you want a screenshot of.


Bill Iznotethad...

option + command + 8

zoom in the entire screen - using when trying to read tiny text that just won't enlarge.

move the cursor to the edges to moves the viewing area without having to zoom out.



Sorry, my subject line didn't appear.

#6 didn't work on my MBP.

I tried it in a Word doc and also on the text in this article.



I tried it in a Word doc and on the text in this article. It didn't do anything at all.



Love this thread! Thank you for these great shortcuts, everyone.

To see the file path of a window, hold Command down while you click on the Title. Then run the cursor down the list to go to any other folder or hard drive in the list.

If you've got a folder nested several folders deep, it's the fastest way I know to get around.



Use "Command L" on Web Browser to highlight Location.
Use "Command 1,2,3" to change finders view.
When quitting aplication (Coomand Q) Use "Coomand D" for Dont Save Option.



I love keyboard shortcuts...it makes life easier. I use KB Covers for application shortcuts, but I just noticed they had an OSX shortcut cover which looks like it has the OSX shortcuts right on the cover.

I've never used the OSX cover, but I have used their other products....which are fantastic.



Command-I gets Info on a file, but Command-Option-I gets SUPER INFO in a file, stays open and changes to the info of whatever file/files is/are selected... kind of like the way Quickview works.



Thanks for this! It rocks.



#6 will not work for me.



Me neither, but it worked when I tried it in the Guest Account. You could assign a key command to the "Look Up in Dictionary" service in the Keyboard pref pane, but that would actually launch the Dictionary application.



Use the spacebar to page down long html pages, like this, in Safari.



To get to finder I use spacebar+command and then I can search the files Im looking for



Correction on #4. Most Apple keyboards, now, all come with the "fn" key. Hold that down and hit backspace will do the reverse delete and delete what's in front of the cursor, not go back. I know someone already mentioned it, but it's helpful to re-emphasize.

#7. Holding down control while doing Command-Shift-3 (full screen) or 4 (selection window) will save it into your clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else. I use that one every day to copy a screenshot of my schedule from a website and save it into a sticky on my desktop. I use that command constantly to take portions of my screen and paste them somewhere (mostly in e-mail).



Command + Tab allows you to scroll through the icons of all your opened programs.

It also allows you to jump to the last program you were in by just hitting the combination quickly and not holding on it.

This is probably my most used keyboard shortcut.



I think this is what Cory meant in #10 but instead he said "Command + Shift."



Instead of moving the fingers off and away from the delete key to delete forwards, simply use:

Fn + delete

I think this is much better than Control + D




One that I use Basically everytime I'm in Safari is
Command + T
to open a new tab



command+or- will zoom or un-zoom a webpage. funny thing is i found that one by reading the last short-cut wrong



Tip #4-Is it Control+4 or Command+4?

Well, in non-Apple programs (such as MS Word) it appears to be NEITHER.
Yes, Control+4 does function as a "delete" key in Pages, but not in MS Word.
I use Fn+Backspace to delete forward of the cursor, as it appears to work in every program.



Shortcut #7 can also be done without having to also press the Space Bar. Just SHIFT+COMMAND+4 works.



#6 for some reason doesn't work for me most of the time, i don't understand.

Also to navigate through tabs in your browser Ctrl+Tab



I believe that shortcut 4 is fn+backspace.

Anyway I use a lot 4 other shortcuts:

1. shift+ctrl+eject for locking the workstation,

2. option(alt)+cmd+i for multiple file info into one single window

3. cmd+w for closing a window

4. apart from shortcut 7, also cmd+shift+3 for taking a screenshot from selection



Apple's Help explains using Grab app for Screen capture, but it is so easy to do Command + Shift + 4 which changes cursor to the capture marque tool to drag a rectangle over what you want and then the image file is saved on Desktop; hit ESC key to stop the capture if you need. Tapping the Space key toggles between Marque and single click Window capture. Additionally Command + Shift + Control + 4 will capture screen image just to Clipboard ( no file ), you can then immediately Paste into an e-mail or document, etc.



shortcut #4 Forward Delete had "you can instead use Command + D" -- it is Control + D as stated in title.

shortcut #6 Dictionary panel - additionally if you change the Dictionary.app Preferences "Contextual menu" option to "Open Dictionary Panel" you can get the same quick definition panel of a single word by Right Clicking and selecting Look Up in Dictionary (without needing to use keyboard)

shortcut #1 A simple Control + Eject brings up 4 options dialog ( can also tap MacBook Power button ) with Shut Down the default, so a Return key will then do Shut Down; and "S" key will Sleep; and "R" key will Restart; and Command period will Cancel the dialog ( no need for mouse )



Command + Shift + I opens the email in your default mail client,

Command + D doesn't work in applications where its is defined as something else, (safari -> new bookmark) use fn +delete instead

After you press Command + Tab to start application switching, Command + ` goes right to left in the list

Control + Cycles through the Tabs of an open window (some apps, ex Safari)

Command 1 opens your first bookmark in the Safari Bookmarks bar, Command 2 the next etc.



Option + Command + 1 gives you your top sites


Option + Command + 2 gives you your history

Thanks for the other info.



Nice!  I will definitely use some of these.



I don't want to sound cocky or anything but I think I knew about half of these.



I thinkt many of us did, but also learned some new ones, we don't need to brag about it ;)

Ps. i dont thinkt theese where mensioned

Go to homepage in safari : command + shift + H
New tab : command + T

page up, down, home & end (like windows) fn + ↑ , fn + ↓ , fn+ ← , fn + →

Hide/show Dock command+alt+D



sounds like you already knew this as well: if you preface a comment with "i don't want to sound..." it means you know you sound how you supposedly don't want to sound.

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