10 PC Games From E3 We Desperately Want on the Mac



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I love my Mac as much as the next dude or girl. But I think we all need to realize that Apple made this pretty simple with the Intel-switch. You can get a copy of Win7 for $89-99 on Newegg.

Bootcamp for the gaming win! ;)


Mr. Happypants

Saw a short review of a game called "XCOM" from 2K (who also do the BIoshock series) that looks pretty inventive & fresh. Can't post links sooooo do a search for "nerdist XCom" and it should be the first link or 2.

Gonna be a tough year on the old wallet if even a portion of these titles are as good as the look!



This was a super fun & very addicting series on the PC i WAS using. Now that I have an iMac & parallels, just need to find my old disks..



OnLive is so crazy-awesome, it kind of makes me not care what titles make it to the Mac, as long as they make it there. It's nice getting super quality on my laptop, and then switching over to the MicroConsole and my TV.

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