10 Things Apple Needs to Make iTunes Ping Totally Rad



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Scion of Tytehran

It certainly seems like a judgement against society at large, all this talk about your boss, friends, grandma, etc. knowing what you like and judging you for it. My position is that I like what I like and don't give a damn what anybody thinks about that!

Furthermore, I'd have to reconsider any personal relationship with someone who had the gall to try and judge me simply because I like a certain style of music.

In some 7000+ years of human history and still the lesson hasn't been learned to stop judging others, most especially concerning such minutiae as music tastes? People still wonder why they feel like the world is going to hell in a handcart? One doesn't have to go far to find some compelling answers for this feeling it seems.


skydiver Tak

One thing that has constantly annoyed me about the iPhone iTunes Store app. I can't pull up artist information from the app.

Now, we can do that, but only for those who are on the "Featured" list under the People tab. I can only follow those who are on the list, not artists of my choosing.

Not only that, I cannot share or add to my wish list from the app. Who wants to sit at their computer to do this stuff?



Actually, you CAN link to music videos on iTunes.

If you click the new "Like" button in the drop-down menu next to the music video's price, it will show up in your profile. It works with my iTunes Japan account, so it should probably work in iTunes US as well^^

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