15 Automator and AppleScripts You Can’t Live Without



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How can I schedule an application to launch after every 6 hours.
Thanks for the nice tutorial and tips.



Hey Vikas. Try the excellent utility Script Timer. You could write a simple AppleScript:

tell application "my app" to launch

and use Script Timer to trigger that script. Very easy. Get Script Timer at the Apps and More website (apparently I can't put a URL into this comment box).

Script Timer runs two scripts for me, every single day. At 7:15 AM it looks at my calendar and reads the events out loud to me. At 8 AM it sends reminder messages to everyone I have an appointment with for the following day. Truly "set it and forget it."

Here is a link to my write-up about the read-the-calendar-out-loud thing. I see from the date on the article that Script Timer has been triggering that script since September 2009. Never a problem.

(Actually, do a search for "Your appointments, Sir" and you will find my article. Thwarted by the Spam filter. No URLS allowed it seems.)



I created some apps and workflows but the one to encrypt pdfs did not work. It does nothing. I followed the instructions, saved and when I want to print a PDF i can see the Encrypt_file I created but it does nothing.

So, now what? How do I find that plugin so that I can remove it? A CMD-F does not find it and I read they are saved in the Library folder under "workflows" but it is not there.

BTW: the mp3 downloader did not work either. I guess there is incompatibility with different versions of Automator. I had to twick some of them I found in the Internet until they worked on my iMac with 10.6.8 and Automator 2.1.1



I've followed all the instructions for #7. Download MP3s from Opened Sites In Safari and it will not work. I followed everything to a "T". I keep getting an error message "The action 'Download URLs' was not supplied with the required data". What's going wrong?



Any way you can have the script for auto-saving pages docs auto-launch every time you open pages?

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