16 OS X Lion Features and Tips to Help You Get Started



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Lion Tweeting is really smart app.



What is all this right+click nonsense??
I'm using a trackpad on a MBP, there is no "right" button, same goes for most Apple mice.
Did this reviewer actually use Lion???


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I just bought lion the other day. I'm hating not having four corner spaces, and the new scrolling makes sense but is hard to get used to. I do like the look of the new scroll bars as well.

I bought my first app from the Mac App Store too. Check it out. Its a really cool app to mess with your iTunes music sounds.
You can check out the demo at subtorioussound.com.



I like to have my finder open up my home files when I open it. Not "all my files". Just do that in the finder preferences. New finder windows shows; then scroll to whatever you like to appear when you open it.



I switched the scrolling, and then put it back to natural after reading some people thoughts on it. One big thing I noticed is it is more natural. The biggest advantage to keeping it natural is less fatigue. I noticed you scroll down way more in real life situations, and set to natural its much less stress on your hand. I don't like using my trackpad because of the fatigue. I am using it much more with Lion. Of course its fun with Lion, but normally I would have to stop using it. Not like I don't have finger strength I am a guitar player. Apple couldn't have named it better or thought it through.



yes, can you be more specific please? Where is the bounce mail feature, i use this all the time , in fact is one of the main reasons I use apple mail ahead of postbox. What idiots apple are for wanting to hide this brilliant feature !!!



I was disappointed that gestures are not actually supported on my Core 2 Duo Macbook (2008). This isn't listed anywhere in the technical details, and was quite a let-down.



So basically, if I have a pre-unibody MacBook model (mine is from '09) then the gestures will not work? I still have a designated clicker separate from the trackpad.



I've looked everywhere, AirDrop does not show up in my sidebar.
I even went to Preferences (Finder) and it's not an option to turn on or off.

Has anybody else been able to find it?

The above refers to both my iMac & my MacBook Air

I installed Lion on my wife's MacBook Pro and AirDrop showed up in the Finder.



How old are the non-working Macs? There's an age restriction. Why, I don't know.




DON"T switch the direction it really makes everything else feel really weird. If you have an iPhone/iPad it feels natural anyways, if you only have a mac it will take about a week.

Bounce Email:

Its hidden in the main Apple menu now.


To exit full screen you can click on the button in the top right corner, how long did you play around with Lion?



Could you be a little more specific and list a path to find the Bounce function?




Mail Bounce is not dead!

The Mail Bounce can be used in 10.7 by adding a Rule. Go to Mail - Preferences - Rules. Select "any" condition, Any Recipient, Contains, your email address and the action "Bounce Icon in Dock". Select OK.

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