20 Expert Photography Tips



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Do not hold your camera the way the lady does in the very first picture. While it is good for a photo shoot, If your camera has an eyepiece, use it. It stabilizes the camera, and makes it easier to brace against your body. Also, it makes sports or other rapid photography faster and easier, as it is point, zoom to what you want, snap, rather than line up, squint at screen, readjust, and possibly get a blurry picture.

One neat thing I have found is that if you match the zoom to close to the distance your eyes see, it makes it easier to shoot sports or other photos that need fast reflexes, as you can open your other eye, and see all of the action, rather than just your photo.

The rest of the tips are great, just wanted to put in a tip about camera handling.

On a related note, this is my only gripe about EVIL cameras: no eyepiece. Beyond that, they look really cool.

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