25 Awesome Features We Want From the iPad 2



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Would HDMI out be too much to ask for?



How about iWeb for ipad. I would buy an ipad to replace my Air for travel if I could use iWeb!



How about fully functional BlueTooth? Then I could use a BlueTooth headset with Skype or other VOIP services.



All of this is nice, although I don't care too much about the cameras and some of the applications that I don't use.

I'm frustrated, and a bit perplexed, why "to do" items aren't included in the Calendar app and can't be synced with iCal. For me this is a big deal. The third-party apps seem fine but not as good as straightforward incorporation of the feature into the Calendar. I'm not sure that requires a new iPad, just the determination to include the feature in Calendar.

I assume - which means i don't know - why a USB port was excluded from the design unless it's the power budget. The dock connector seems to be limited, since neither Apple nor third party vendors have delivered more than a couple of uses. And a gigabit Ethernet connection would be great for the many hotels that don't supply a wireless network or whose wireless network is poor quality. Yes, you can hook up an Airport Express to connect to an Ethernet connection and generate a local wireless hotspot but the more extra equipment that you decide you must have with the iPad (keyboard, AE) the more you ask why you didn't just buy a Macbook.



For heavens sake..if you are going to add cameras we all want ..the front and rear facing why complicate the whole mess...dont mess with the excellence we have with iphone 4 and JUST USE THE SAME CAMERAS! no need to redesign..obviously they dont take up much space and they already run on iOS 4!!!
Really we do need just a plain USB2.0 for all external hard drive/devices etc.
It cant be that cost effective to build X number of Wifi vs 3G ...just put in all the possibilities and forget the goofy pricing...make it totally useful and we will all pay what its worth.
Hot spot sure would be nice esp. since my friends Android only costs $20/mo from Verizon!
THANKS APPLE for all you do...just keep ahead of the curve...dont come up with good ideas then let the other phones/tablets do you one better...do it best the first time eh?



Oh my gosh, I haven't even finished the article yet, but I'm laughing at the 300 cameras thing. TOO funny!!! Love it.....



I hope Apple keeps the WiFi only model. Do you really want to have to purchase a data plan in order to buy an iPad? After all, the iPad makes a rather awkward phone. Because of constantly changing technology and different networks around the world, a separate hot spot makes more sense. They're cheap and tiny and you can choose your network.



P.S. . As I writed and edit this text came to me that an up and down arrows functionality would really be a great help while working with texts. ,!,!!
Like now! I can't reach the bottom of the text in the box for lacking of a cursor arrow moving me down.

1- Nice to see the clock app from the iPhone running in the iPad...,

2- About size I would never go smaller, but appeals to me that many people will be interested un larger formats for various purposes from design tables to tabloid sizes for all news papers lovers...

3- Battery / Powering and charging via Wifi will be the greatest move of any that can implement it... So got to move really fast in that matter.

4- As a photographer love to see picasa app for photo editing running In a large iPad* format will be great to work on your digital work in over sized portable tablet

5- A good resolution lens have to be a must. Not only to have a camera.. Nope!. A 2.0f of high optical quality as nikon* o cannon* o Leica* o Carl Zeiss* as the nokias*.

6- Imagine play Monopoly* with all your family in a square tablet of the precise table size. Or at least big as to allow a comfortable group of at least four people to gather around and play in a fun and comfortable way

7- I love the design, I love the apparatus, but some how some where I got the feeling that its balance has to be improve, they way it handles in my hands is not great., I find it difficult to handle it in a fun or comfy way... There is something there that is missing I dare to say its internal distribution of weight might be the reason.



why only a 1mp camera on the front?



You said, "it’s not exactly as high-quality as the rear camera on the iPhone 4, but beggars can’t be choosers -- especially when we’re not likely to record as much video on a 10-inch tablet as we are on our handheld iPhones."

Perhaps you were just writing this in an offhanded way but if you were serious the video that is recorded by the iPod touch is the same quality (720p) as the iPhone 4. The still image quality is what suffers on the lower quality camera.



I still have the upper hand and the fastest downloads then Verizon in any hotspot. And I have Att. I have the 3GS 16G I don't get dropped calls... and I am always the center of attention. because I am the HotSpot.

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