35 Great iPad Apps for Work



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I think you should chceck SmartTM app. This one is a brand new task management system based on GTD which works with Evernote. I use it for about month now and it really made me feel more efficient, my productivity level raised very much. Think you'll find it also useful.


Christopher - B...

Hi Susie, i'm Christopher Mesquita, BeesApps Co-founder, we develop Beesy for iPad, it's a smart taking note app from which you can manage your To-Do list, teams, and projects.

I describe your review many useful iPad apps, i hope you will be interested by Beesy and his features.

We started with a simple observation: most of the actions on business are taken from the meeting notes. That's why we developed Beesy because there was no tool to manage professional activity in a single one.

I‘ll be very interested to show you Beesy to have your feedback.


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