4 Absurd Patents that Seriously Exist



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Though the first thing I would say would be woooah calm down!

The second is the title does not say they have been approved, it states they have looked through some that are 'currently filed' not stated as approved.

So your comment IS AN OVERREACTION it is NOT JUSTIFIED in its grumpy and miserable tone. you should REALLY READ an article before you comment on it.

It's people like you who IGNORE THE EXPLICIT details of a post in order to MOAN AT YOUR MANUFACTURED IMPLICATIONS.

Get over yourself !

And if it really pisses you off then don't read it. It's not that hard



P.s. mac|life I like your posts. I think this was entertaining and light hearted. Thank you for this post!



These are NOT patents. These are PUBLICATIONS of patent APPLICATIONS.

These "patents" as you describe them DO NOT EXIST. They have not been examined and allowed as patents by the USPTO and anything they disclose is NOT protected by a patent.

Seriously, do some research before you write an article - you at least need to know the difference between a patent and a patent application.

The title is FACTUALLY WRONG. These "patents" DO NOT EXIST. Someone has APPLIED for a patent for these things and these are the publications of these applications.

The article is so full of inaccuracies it's laughable.

It's misinformed people like you who mislead others into the thinking the USPTO grants absurd patents.



Yes, the USPTO doesn't grant absurd patents. Well except maybe 5,443,036 Method of exercising a cat using a handheld laser apparatus.

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