75 iOS 8 Tips and Tricks



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Milly Skyler

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Debbie Rice

Since iOS 8 update on my iPad, I cannot type as fast as I used to without Safari locking up and losing everything I type. I even gave up typing this comment directly and instead went to a notes program, typed it and copied it over to Safari (even in notes still had to go incredibly slowly but at least doesn't freeze and lose just takes a while to catch up or freezes and releases in a moment so you can continue typing).

I am getting incredibly frustrated. And angry at myself for forgetting to type-elsewhere-copy and instead directly typing long responses into Safari --

I'm so frustrated I'm ready to ditch iPad and get a different tablet.

Anyone know if Apple is going to be issuing a fix or have a link to good directions to backing out the iOS 8 updates?


Michael Simon

Which iPad do you have?



On my 5s, the share sheet always reverts to its original order a while after I change it. Aggravating.


Michael Simon

Yeah, that's definitely a bug. Hopefully it'll be fixed in 8.1.



I haven't noticed the share sheet, but the order change in the Safari options at the bottom always reverts back to the original order. It is frustrating. I thought iOS 8.0.2 would fix it. But no!



Is there a comprehensive list compiled on one page? Do we really have to click through 52 pages?

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