5 Apps That Bloat Up Your Hard Drive



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Wow, who would have thought that hundreds or thousands of songs and videos and tv shows would take up hard drive space? Delete your music, its BLOAT.

And don't forget, if you move all your iTunes to the trash, you have to empty it or guess what? its Still there! Bloat !

Downloads and Docs... Yes if you download stuff and save it, it takes room on your hard drive. I wouldn't call this bloat either...

I can see why this site hardly ever has comments on most of the content. Most of it is junk, like this article.

Bloat is what PC's have. i.e Trial versions of Office, Tangent games trials, HP,Dell,Compaq versions of the SAME software that is already provided with windows. Like CD burning software, media players etc.
Bloat is Useless software, not stuff you want, use and need...



"Trash" and "Downloads and Documents" aren't exactly "Apps". I suppose you could combine them into one as "Finder" but since you titled the article 5 Apps that bloat your HD, I thought I'd point it out. Maybe you could title it 5 things that bloat your HD or something similar. Ok, I'm done being a nitpick.



I would like to do that but that Library folder is not available in Lion. Well, maybe it is to some but not to the masses. So how do I delete those downloads if I can't see the Library folder????



open finder. press command+shift+G, or click the Go menu and scroll down to Go to folder. type in this address:
this will take you to your library folder that you can't see.

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