5 iOS Features OS X Mountain Lion Will Bring to the Mac



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After well over 20/25 years of MAC use I am Tired of the Constant Roller Coaster Ride Of Upgrading/Updating and spending 90 percent of my time Fixing and looking For Applications, upgraded downloading New updated or New Replacement applications - Instead of just using my Computers.
It is like Constant repairing a Car and Not just Going Somewhere. Also Dealing with Stupid Apple OS/iOS Disabling Important features in the Operating system. I also costs hundreds of Bucks every Year. I wanna Just ENJOY LIFE! (PS PC ain't any Better.)I Was Hoping for the iOS to become more usable like MAC OS! Well Fudge. I'll be keeping my older MACs until they Die.


Think Different

I made an account just because of all this drivel about "reinventing the OS".

iCloud? Been on the Android/Google camp since 2009.

Sharesheets? Erm, didn't LivingSocial do that already?

Air Mirroring? Psh, yeah, PS3 media server was doing that for ages. Try having your desktop and phone all in one handheld device? Go Android.

iMessages? Skype, Oovoo, Hotmail, pick one.

Game Center- Hmmm, Cut the Rope on my $2000 computer, versus oh I don't know, Microsoft Flight on my $600 computer?

In what way was any of this revolutionary?

Apple- Derp Differently.



Android/Google has had a lot of these features available for some time, but missing one big one. If I lost or damaged my Android phone, would all my App Data be saved? The answer is no. With an iPhone, if you do an icloud back up, you get your new phone, enter all the info, and after downloading your settings, your back to your old set up. I replaced an iPhone due to damage, within minutes my phone was back to my old phone settings and saved data (texts messages, phone log etc).

PS3 Media Server is a DLNA player, its not mirroring your screen. With mirroring you hit a button and your display is on your TV screen, not just the music, picture, movie file you want to play. That is different. PS3/XBOX can do files, but not have a wireless display on a TV.



Air Mirroring, "this is big"? How so? I've been doing this with PS3 Media Server and all of my computers, PCs, and Macs alike, for several years now, and in 1080P not 720P. And I don't have to buy an Apple TV to make it work, and PS3 also plays BD and games. So I'm not sure how "this is big".



I don't understand… iCloud is already part of Lion and works fine for me across all devices.



Hopefully we will also see an update for iWork which will include iCloud compatibility.



And the congregation cried "Amen!"



Gaming on the Mac is still a big goose egg. I think Apple just plain gave up on Mac gaming after the whole Halo debacle.

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