5 Reasons Apple Will (or Won’t) Kill The iPod This Year



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Wow, I can't believe the iPod Classic still exists. Shouldn't it have a click wheel or something?



I don't think they would abandon the iPod Touch even just as a dedicated, contract-free, app device, particularly not with the Gamestop rumors floating around. There's some life left there yet. iPhoneography is bigger than ever as well - if they outfit them with decent cameras, that's another big pile of moolah to be made. The Nano or Shuffle may get shuffled off, but I'll bet the Classic and Touch are with us for awhile.



The Shuffle and the Nano are more or less functionally interchangeable. I could see them eliminating one, most likely the Shuffle. They might just extend the Nano line down to come close to the Shuffle's specs.

The Classic is popular with DJs and other professionals that need to carry their whole world with them. If that's a big enough market they'll keep it. OTOH with what they did with Final Cut X that's not for sure.

They, ahem, won't touch the Touch. It's the entry level iPhone. Sure it does not have a phone but it does everything else people want. I have one and it's incredibly useful. I have an iPad too but use the Touch nearly every day. There is a market for an iPhone without the cost and hassle of a cell connection.

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