5 Reasons Ethernet Isn’t Dead Yet



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I don't travel a great deal but my experience is that most hotels and motels have crummy or limited wireless networks, but they all still have hard-wired networks with an Ethernet port in the room. This may be a transitory issue but I find it useful to carry along an Airport Express and use it to generate a local wireless network in my room for use with my iPad and iPhone to minimize 3G time, particularly when overseas (OK, Canada). If I had a notebook I'd be doing the same thing and the lack of an Ethernet port eliminated Macbook Air from consideration for me.



My house has a connection from AT&T Uverse. The modem comes with a battery pack so the phone line can stay on when the power is out. I found that the internet is still provided and that the WiFi will still broadcast while using battery.. Takes away one reason!

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