5 Reasons We, Um, Don't Love Apple



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"History has shown that Apple was right on at least two of these items".
It is not clear to me which two Apple got right.

My opinion is that not supporting Flash is wrong. (at least from a user if not business decision, point of view).

Can anyone help clarify?



Apparently Apples ability to fail at incremental patching has been missed. I use windows, and everytime I have to "update" itunes, it downloads the same amount of data that the normal installer is. Also, it functions just like a installer.

So is it a patch, or do I have to reinstall the programs everytime Apple wants to update it?


Apple 26.2

It's not that I don't like the earbuds... it's that they just don't fit/stay in my ears! Forget hitting the gym or doing anything other than sitting upright with them on...



My #1 Gripe:

The amount of time since the release of the iPhone is directly proportional to how ridiculous it is that we can't have custom SMS tones.



Never had Mobile.me nuke anything so completely, but double-entries because of sync errors (and a not clear at all set of preferences that cause it) is a major pain in the rear.

I don't find iTunes bloated on my 8-Core Mac Pro with 16 gigs of RAM. What's your problem? :-)






What drives me up the wall is being on hold with AppleCare. The sound quality of the music, not the choice of songs, is atrocious! It's not that I am listening on a cell phone because it is the same on my home phone too. If the same quality of music was pumped into their workspace all the workers who aren't deaf would quit!



I agree with the iTunes to some degree. I hate that it doesn't identify artists properly and creates new artists folders. Example:

It will create various artists folders for the following:

The Beatles
the beatles

Really? iPhoto has the technology that can identify someone's face, but iTunes can't differentiate between Beatles and The Beatles?

I loathe the earbuds. Actually... I hated them so much I gave them away. They are pathetic and puny, one doesn't have to be an 'audiophile' to hate them.

Why is Apple against full screen so much? why can't Facetime in iOS be fullscreen? what about Safari in iOS? why has it taken them this long to finally implement full screen in OS X? It's actually sad that it's taken them this long.

The Mail app.... I can finish a novel by the time it opens... lord is it slow.

YouTube app in iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, ATV2)... WOW.... what a joke of an app.



I can't stand the Apple earbuds — they are uncomfortable, don't stay in, and don't block out much outside noise. I bought a pair of Seinhauser in-canal buds are really like them — I can use them for an entire Africa to US flight (17+ hours) with no discomfort.



By the time our unibody batteries are dead, we'll probably be ready to get a new MacBook anyway. Mine's two years and still over 80% maximum charge. I had more problems with my PowerBook's battery than I've had with my built in battery (none), and most of that was because it became detached. Also, it ruins the beauty of the design that comes with a built in battery.



MobileMe has never wiped everything out on me (why do I say these things out loud??) and by far its best feature is the syncing. I agree 100%, however, that Apple needs to buy Dropbox and use it to replace iDisk. An actual functioning 20 GB of storage that integrates seamlessly and quickly with the Finder? That would make MobileMe worthwhile.

I'm hoping the recent patent application from Apple for a power brick that also functions as a battery will be a clever solution to the built-in battery thing. That would be tremendously handy while traveling, without having to add bulk to the machine.

One thing I've never ever understood is the iTunes hate. Sure, it's added a lot of different features over the years (I don't care for Ping and Genius and don't use them), and it's got some odd stuff in there (PDFs?), but I haven't found it to have slowed down at all.



The only people I know that complain about the earbuds are audio geeks. Personally for listening to podcasts, I find the sound to be good. They fit in my ear perfectly, and since I hate buds that go into the ear and like buds that rest (sit) in the ear but not jabbed into the cannal, I use only the Apple buds.
I think there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to find stuff about Apple that we hate. The buds need to be left alone.



I agree on some points, but i still don't understand why everyone hates the iPod earbuds so much. I have used higher quality ones (many, yes) and would rather just stick with the 'free' Apple ones. They sounds fine and fit my ears at least (I know that that may not be true for everyone, though). That, and built in batteries have never bothered me. I have an iPod Classic from 6 years ago and the battery still holds a phenomenal charge. I have never needed to replace it, and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. They have always worked just fine for me. Negative publicity and MobileMe though, definitely. However, I see no issues like this with iTunes, but I do believe that they could definitely improve it, and I have a fairly small music collection.


Roberto Baldwin

I like the white earbuds. But, I'm the only person I know that does. But that does mean I get a bunch of free ear buds when people update their iPhones and iPods.

I win!




Only 5 reasons? How about becoming more like IBM/Microsoft than either of those companies ever were. For abandoning the concept of "the computer for the rest of us."



What the heck are you talking about?



agreed! Macs are so easy to use compared to PCs. What are you talking about Malber??!!?!?!?!



Because a Mac is like a tricycle you can't really do anything to f it up.
Windows is like a motorcycle it can be upgraded to go fast or to go slow, it depends on your knowledge.
Linux is a box of parts and kits...Good luck.

FYI, the last option is the best choice.

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