5 Reasons We Won’t Miss Mobile Flash



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Chris Horn

I love watching the inter-webs run over with such drivel from people who have enough technical and software development understanding to be dangerous, it's like watching an ape lean to use a power tool, slightly amusing but mostly painful.

Don't get me wrong I love my apple products products, but that does not mean that the statement true, Just because it came from Steve's mouth. It helped, cement Apple's claim. (The real story was always more about don't pee off Steve Jobs and call him on it publicly, your gunner get owned!)

Anyone who has been around for long enough to have seen the browser wars should have the common sense to know that such a statement is garbage! you still have to make you HTML5 content render correctly in each browser and until there is common tooling and a ratified HTML5 Standard good luck with that..

You have to look at how well Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, adhere to standards to see this is rubbish, come on Mac Life, what wrong slow tech-news week?



"at least until the world wakes up and realizes that Jobs was right and HTML5 is truly the better way to go" - I don't think anyone is saying that HTML 5 isn't better. Its a new standard, it will take some time to catch on and for developers to get on board, and that is what we are seeing; developers getting on board.

"If you’ve ever browsed the web on an iOS device and then switched back to a PC, you know how painful it can be. Suddenly, your browser windows are riddled with Flash banner ads, animation and other junk that mostly just serves to further slow access to the stuff you want to see in the first place." - Nonsensical comment here. There's such things as ad blockers that completely do away with pretty much all ads and popups, popunders etc; I can't remember the last time I saw an ad on a site. There's probably ads on maclife.com, I can't see a single one; *disables adblock plus and refreshes page*, oh look, ads.



Flash ads or Flash extensions are ALWAYS the sources of webpages that I visit locking up and/or taking FOREVER to load. Flash=spinning beach ball. I won't miss it should it ever leave the desktop world as well.



So,just wondering why your web site still uses flash ?



I would just like to mention another flash-enabling application that I have found helpful for those time wasting games I must have. It is called iSwifter, and is available for iPad only (because when we think about it, who's really gunna play a flash game on a tiny iphone screen???). The application is free, but only allows 30 minutes of browsing and then asks you to pay 4.99 for its continued services. If you are "flash hungry" it is a very nice application that serves its purpose well and with class.

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