5 Technologies We Wish Apple Would Adopt



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wow i just lost all respect for you! flash? HTML5 is far from being mainstream? flash is dying year by year sense 2005 (2 years before the first iphone) in 2005 in accounted for 94% of web content, 2006 89%, 2007 81%, 2009 64%, 2010 56%. in 2011 its expected that it will be 50-48% and by 2014 16-24%. however HTML5 has grown every year. by the end of 2011 it will probably be around 41% up from 32%!



You want Flash? Why? I have both an iPhone4 and an iPod 2Gen, along with my MacBook. The only place I want Flash use is on the MacBook...and only when I have to. It's time for either a massive fix/update/whatever for Flash-or it needs to die off. Legacy software is just that...legacy. Not a perfect analogy...but does anyone out there miss 5 1/2 inch floppy drives? I sure don't. (And I'm guessing most Windows users don't miss Vista or Win ME, either.)




I've tried commenting twice now and it keeps telling me something about a spam filter? Yet no info about what specifically the problem is. Way to encourage user participation guys. guess I'll cross this site off my list.

Count me out for feature 5 by the way, we are better off without that bag of hurt.



1. Apple's released their own API's for file saving to the cloud. Except that you no long have to remember to "save" the document. In Lion, saving is so last year. I've not seen how they plan on doing the sharing (or if I have, I don't recall it).

2. Don't care.

3. Yep, this could be much better. Also, I've not seen how Apple will handle Back to My Mac with MobileMe going away and the current Back to My Mac requiring MobileMe to function. And, yes, it does need to be a "just works" service.

4. "Elegant web-based interface..."? You must be kidding me. Yes, those web-based interfaces do work, but they are not elegant. Also, remember that those web-based office package are not full featured. You lose something in the formatting, in the least.

5. Flash? You must be kidding? The momentum is moving away from Flash (and I thank God).



Um, am I on crack or doesn't iCloud do exactly what #2 is describing? And flash blows. Run it on Chrome Canary and not only will it crash every 30 seconds but it will eat up battery life faster than Kirstie Alley at a muffin buffet.


Seamus Bellamy

Sorry teejay, but as much as we wish it were so, iCloud will automatically push new tunes to all of your Apple devices, and it'll allow you to download any previously purchased music to any of your devices any time you please. However, streaming as enjoyed by Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music users is a sad-faced no-go. 

As for Flash, it can indeed be a crashfest under some conditions, but for the time being, much of the web still refuses to give it up for HTML 5 or other viable replacements. Until this changes--because let's face it, Cupertino's not likely to change their mind on allowing it onto their mobile devices--iOS users are missing out one some of the cooler corners of the web. 



where are you getting your info? i work in the music industry and itunes WILL have a streaming service! (however i will note that it is NOT supported right, as they have only released a BETA to the public. 2 how does the majority of the still choose Flash ( read my post), as they are moving or have plans to move to a thing called HTML5. even FaceBook is moving to adopt HTML5 (at least in some form) or Zanga as another.

Sources: iTunes agreement in iOS 5 Developer Preview, NYT and others.

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