5 Things We’d Like to See In An Apple Television



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this would be cool to buy and to own



After owning a WDTV the last year (streaming from my Mac), I don't see the point of Apple trying to enter in this game. More than likely you would not be able to play any files that were not m4v/a. There are so many great solutions out there right now that work seamlessly. If they could take a chapter out of Microsofts book for once and work with companies to develop software for a certain brand of products (Ford & Sync) then that would be less likely to spread the company too thin. God knows they need to focus on making the iPhone stronger. Android is taking too much of a lead.



If Apple's TV looks anything like this wish list it will be a big yawn. Just more of the same, folks.

I hope to see something radical. It might still use the term "TV" but it will change the way we passively consume entertainment. Anything less than that just won't be worth the money.

If you want to watch a show and you first have to remember if that particular show is available on the Netflix, Hulu or Boxee app, then the battle is lost already. If you have to send monthly payments to a dozen different providers, forget it. If there is more than one data cable going into the thing, been there, done that. And if the whole thing doesn't work seamlessly across national borders, what else is new? If I want to watch something and I am prepared to pay for it, don't tell me I live in the wrong country.

Go radical or go home.



If the Apple TV ran iOS apps, it would be a HUGE selling point. The remote would simply be a wireless magic trackpad, with acceleration sensors inside. The TV is the app screen, but the remote is the app touchscreen. You could even put a forward facing camera in the TV, so that people could run facetime and skype.

Apple should sell this for $100. Even if they took a hit on the hardware, they would gain more iOS market share, and they'd make the money back on their 30% cut on apps.

John F
New York, NY



I have a Mac Mini Server, with SLS installed. This connects to my TV using HDMI cable.
My TV is connected to an A/V box for 5.1 sound.

Front Row plays all my 'saved to hard disk' DVDs (TS folders) as entire DVDs , it can handle most any video file I can throw at it.
It also plays my iTunes library and displays my iPhoto library, why I would play them on my TV as opposed to on my 27" iMac is a question I cannot really answer...because it's there!!!!
My TV is network attached and plays Netflix streaming. I tried installing understudy on Front Row but it doesn't work (or rather I cannot get it to work)
I can control my MM using a wireless keyboard, or an Apple mouse or an Apple remote.
For some inexplicable reason Apple dropped Front Row from Lion. However, there are a couple of scripts out there that will install Front Row on/in Lion. I did install it on my 2011 iMac so I know it does work.

Plex and XBMC are nice front ends but, IMO, are a pain to navigate (one can activate the mouse but it works when it wants to and is definitely a PITA. Also they are rather picky as to what they play only DVD main features for instance.

Front row is free, gender bender cords are available for connecting most Apples to a TV's HDMI, if one has a late model TV it's probably network ready so why bother with a whole load of extra boxes and extra expense.



I have also, just recently, found out how to connect my Comcast cable box to my iMac via Firewire.
I can now watch TV on my computer with just the added expense of a 10' FW cable (400 CB to 800 computer external hard drive. I use these hard drives for media storage and backup.
Controlling the channels is a little stone age but whatever.

If one has unlimited amounts of cash yes, it's nice to buy all the toys but one can achieve the same thing with a little work, imagination and good 'ol Google.

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