5 Things We Want From Apple’s TV



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I would like the Mac Mini installed or just make it a large screen iMac. It might be difficult to cram all the Mac Mini components into the TV and still make it thin enough for some people. However, you could create a new relaxed home network from the center of peoples homes. iTV can be your home computer and your laptops and iPhones would be peripherals. Most data is sent via home networks and you could even create a personal Cloud. This would eliminate the need for cable. Pull up what ever show you want via the internet. I watch half of my TV that way right now on a 13" MacBook Pro. It would be nice to save up for an iTV to permanently replace the desire for a desktop.



Apple should make a game console to compete with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo that can also mirror the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone screen and have the App Store that iOS has.



No mention of iChat/Facetime? Too obvious I guess.

Also obvious: Airplay support (and a Mac Airplay client please! AirFlick is pretty good but very crashy.)

I'm curious about how they plan to handle audio; I can't imagine it not having ports for external speakers (surround sound) but it would be nice if it supported wireless speakers and had a built-in sound bar that supported surround sound.

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