5 Tricks for Customizing and Improving Gmail



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In the area with the heading: Access Gmail in Mail via IMAP how do you get to that screen?

All I get in that area is :

1. Status: IMAP is enabled
Enable IMAP
Disable IMAP

2. Configure your email client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone)
Configuration instructions

I would like the expunge feature as Gmail shows in 2 places in my Mail client.



I am confused by your comment tanker,
the article only tells how you can expand the usefulness of gmail, I didn't read anything about issues.
I have been using gmail for 4-5 years now for 4 different accounts and love it.



I have been using my gMail in tandem with all my email accounts which includes my MobilMe and my gmail on my iphone and I hardly see any of these issues.
I must be doing something wrong...

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