5 Ways Apple Could Improve iTunes



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Okay so the ipod touch/ iphone is already the perfect music player - it syncs so much better than any other device ive ever had (palm pre was a joke as far as the music app goes) but in my opinion - the ipod app should work like itunes (such as links) to see artists, albums - kinda like iTunes does in the store - it would be a huge improvement over what is already a good app.

and as far as ping - its worthless - i want to post opinions on songs in my profile, and how about a status update (feeling blue, listening to coldplay)???, and why cant i unlike a song (i cant stand taylor swift - yet im forever doomed to have all my friends and followers see that i liked that album)



I've never understood the bloat complaint about iTunes. I have almost 10,000 songs and it works perfectly well for me. Doesn't stagger or stutter whenever I turn it on. It's instant. Streams without problem to my Apple TV. So what constitutes a large enough library to make it slow and choke it? Maybe I haven't hit the limit.

That said, I can see the appeal of separating out book and video management. But it hasn't really been a problem for me.

Streaming I just don't see happening in a big way. The movement in the US is toward tighter restrictions on bandwidth. That just doesn't match well with putting all of your music in the cloud. Basically, storage is still getting cheaper; bandwidth is, if anything, getting more expensive. Moving music from a disk in your pocket to the cloud just doesn't make sense financially, not to mention practically when you consider the problems of streaming. I don't think it's an accident that Apple is offering downloading and not streaming. They know it's a non-starter.

Ping is walking dead. One of the few things Apple's ever done that was actually worse than MobileMe.



Instead of redesigning iTunes from the ground up, iTunes should just be used as a way to organize and sync everything. They should develop a "lite player" app for macs and pcs to play your music, stream radio, and view videos and a separate app to actually view iBooks (some ability to organize in a lite app would be nice). We don't need an app for ipod/ipad/iphone apps and games because we can't use them on the mac, just use iTunes as a catalog to organize and keep them up to date.



No interest in streaming but I will wholeheartedly agree with Cut the Bloat. How about this: Divide and Conquer. Break iTunes into about three applications.

iTunes for music, podcast, spoken word, anything with sound.
iVideo for movie and TV and video podcast.
iSomeOtherName for iPod apps, games, books, and other content.

Also figure a way to not have to open iTunes, iPhoto, et.al. when I plug in my iPod Touch. It should be able to synch without starting the whole bloody application.

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