5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your AirPort Extreme



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Jerry Freedman

I bought an airport extreme about 6 months ago. I have a two story house and the box is on the upper floor. Initially I had connectivity all over the house. This has deteriorated and now, ipads, phones etc only connect on the upper floor. What happened, what can I do?



I know of two 2011 MacBook Pros (10.6) successfully backing up to two separate USB hard drives. One is using a 1st generation (2007) AEBS and a Fantom 1TB drive. The other is hooked up to a brand new 5G (2011) AEBS feeding a WD 1.5TB. The first one has been in use for a month without any problems; the other one just a week. I simply followed the excellent directions in this article, and voila!



Does the USB drive need to be HFS formatted in order to work or will another format work? I have heard it needs to be HFS formatted, but have yet to find something definitive.



I want to access my hard drive connected to the my Airport has always been a mystery to me...

Does anybody know how to create a Remote Access to the Airport Base Station from outside of the WiFi network?


Michael Fournier

OK here is the way to do it open yo your airport Utility 6.0 and go to the Disks Tab
Check the share disks over WAN check box

Then You need an iCloud account. Enter the iCloud account name and password in the Back to my Mac settings on your Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.

Once you've done that any disks attached to the Airport Extreme or internal disks on a Time Capsule can be accessed from outside your home network. They will show up on the side bar of the Finder no matter where you are as long as you have a connection to the Internet.



The information on using AirDisk as a time machine back up is : "no." I've read in numerous places that Apple does not officially support this and many have experienced data corruption (myself included). Is there something new or different that has developed in the last week or two that changes all of this?

From the forums at Apple:
Backing-up that way is not reliable and not supported by Apple. See Using Time Machine with an Airport Extreme Air Disk.

If Apple does NOW support this, please link us to that official support.




Oaky, you mentioned that connecting directly with a Cat 5 is better than extending the range using WiFi… but why?



Because cat5 is "Ethernet 1000baseT" essentially 1000 Mbit/sec

Wifi even at N speeds maxes out at 86 Mbit/sec



wow thanks for all the tips. I really didnt know exactly what to do with my airport extreme when i got it, and have just been using it as a really big router. Thanks so much!

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