5 Ways to Prepare for OS X Mountain Lion



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I had to write Apple a snail-mail letter complaining about OS/7 - as Crywolf, my local Apple Resller, vouched for it being a good operating system, I upgraded despite reading the many complaints about Apple's new 0/S.
I am particularly angry about being "forced" into this update by mobile me being phased out - I was considering just migrating my mobile me e-mail into a new program and not upgrading.
This upgrade cost me about $200 between software upgrades, then more RAM installed in my computer.
Bottom line - very troublesome, can't play most of my old favorite games, e-mail has often gone into never-neverland, never to reappear, and not in junk or trash folders either. At one point even saw a message header "load" then - go bye-bye. Can't be found again.
As I told Apple, they need to keep in mind who their uses are. I don't use any other device, just my trusty computer. I don't need to "push" my messages anywhere else - no cell phone, tablet, pad, etc.
I value the relationship between my computer manufacturer and me - I get tired of being "abandoned" - I told Apple they need to ensure that their products are ready to be released before they do so. I also would really like a lot longer extended warranty available than the 3 year Apple Care.
To give Apple credit, they did assign someone to my case, and I have been playing phone tag with him to discuss the new o/s.
For me, O/S 7 is a big step - backwards.
One of the biggest disappointments is that now I have to pay someone other than Apple to have an account to back up my data somewhere else - I can buy a hard drive and back it up here at my condo, but that won't save my bacon if my computer stuff got stolen, lost in a fire, etc. What was it necessary to do away with this very useful part of mobile me?
For me, i - cloud has been i - crap -



The article says "While Apple hasn’t expressly stated so yet, you’ll likely need OS X Lion installed first before you make the trek to see the lion up on the mountain." and goes on to give that as a reason to upgrade now.

But, why not wait until; "Apple HAS expressly stated so" ? Whats to lose?

Rather than get to learn about a new OS for a couple of months before it's replaced I'd far rather just do the upgrade to Lion and then straight away to ML.

Plus there is always a chance Apple will NOT require Lion to be installed first.



its not a big deal if you already have it installed!

But i did want to say that from using it sense the first beta DP1 it should be a FREE update, like iOS updates are now!


The Cappy

Another voice of selfish entitlement added to the throng. MacOSX upgrades involve a ton of work and aren't expensive for what they are. iOS doesn't cost me anything because the updates are built into my monthly subscription cost. With a Mac, it's not the same thing. (It's *especially* not the same thing because people make Hackintoshes)



"Keep in mind there’s no easy way to return to iChat once you’ve installed Messages -- but given that OS X Mountain Lion will ultimately wind up replacing it anyway, there’s no reason why you should worry about that."

You mean no easy way other than clicking on the Messages menu and selecting "Uninstall Messages beta…" ?



you can! read the support forum before you comment (talking to the Reporter)
Also to the commenter, there are other ways read the support forums!



I recall there being no native DVD playback in Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, or Windows XP. Always had to get a 3rd party software like WinDVD for playback which I always thought was ridiculous it wasn't built into the OS. I happily jumped off the Windows wagon at Windows XP (skipping ME), I never did Vista, or Windows 7, so perhaps things changed after that.

I luckily got a used PowerMac G3/233 for only $50 and I've never looked back since then. Besides the lovely snappiness of everything in OS 9 on a mere 233Mhz w/512MB RAM (compared to the constant slow churn of Windows), it had native DVD playback out of the box and worked great! All the way back in 2000, amazing eh?! Heck DVD Player was even in OS 8! MS Windows and the OEMs are just a bunch of cheapskates who sell their customers short with the idea that "value" mean cheap.



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