6 Features Still Missing From iTunes Match



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I'll give you the reasons exactly why I'm not signing up for it: No movie/tv show support. I rip a lot of movies and tv shows from dvd's I legally own. I don't understand why it didn't launch with this on day one (stupid media providers), but I hope it's being added soon or I'm not signing up for match anytime soon.



You can delete all the cached files from your music library by going to


and swiping (delete) music.

This will clean out all your local storage. So kind of gives you streaming ability, but you have to manage the storage yourself.




WHO CARES ABOUT A GREAT PRODUCT MISSING SOMETHING! Where is our MacLife issue that we paid for on NewsStand!!!! I have gotten no response from your support an d its been over 2 weeks.

Advice to people who have bought the subscription:
Report the MacLife Mag app as FRUAD, Apple should be able to return all your money (& charge MacLife for the losses) and hopefully they will remove the Fraudulent app so no one else can be tricked



Streaming would definitely be a nice option, but I like the ability to download what I want to my device. I live in NYC and am on the subway a lot, where I am not able to stream anything. So, if I wasn't able to download something I wanted to listen to before I hit the train, I'd be without it. Additionally, having access to downloading all of music to my iPhone means that I don't have to worry about filling the memory up with music I may want to listen to. If I'm running out of space for pictures or video, I can delete some music knowing I can always get it back easily later on.

As for the "all or nothing" issue, this is not true. The music that you had on your device is still there. You can tell what is on your device and what isn't by whether there is a cloud icon next to it, and all of the music that is stored on your device will not have a cloud. When Match was in testing with developers, it was an all or nothing deal, but they've gotten rid of that when it went live.

Ultimately, I am very pleased with this service for the price... I'd love it if they up the limit since I doubt I'll have under 25,000 songs for ever. But for now, I'm happy with it.



It's still "all or nothing" -- with iTunes Match turned on, I can't go into iTunes and choose tracks to sync to my device. It's either iTunes Match or iTunes sync, but not both...





if you turn off iTunes Match on your device and then plug it in you can do it. Then when you're done syncing new music you turn it back on.

It's not ideal, but it doesn't take that long.

Don't get me wrong, I completely agree that it should be something you can do.



I don't get iCoud, it feels like a step backward for Apple. Everything I hoped for in iCloud/iTunes Match has NOT come to fruition. But I will hang in there to see the direction and hope for the best. I am one of the few that likes Mobile Me and use it all the time. Long time Apple supporter.......



I also am wondering what iCloud will do for me. I use iDisk extensively but have no idea what the iCloud is really doing for me that MobileMe did not do for me - except have a spam icon asking me to buy Pages and numbers which I did already. I really feel violated by iClouds pathetic start.



I also like MobileMe and am very unhappy with what's going to iCloud and what got dropped. As of right now I don't think I'll be using iCloud nearly as much as MM. iTunes Match? Thanks but no. It's simply not something I want. I'm not in an area where WiFi is ubiquitous or cell data coverage is anywhere near cheap enough to even think about it. I do have a few documents that I can see sharing across devices but the vast majority of what I used MM for, Web Hosting, Keychain/Bookmarks synching is getting left behind.

And call me paranoid but even if iTunes match were free and feasible where I live I think I'd pass. It's a very fine line between scanning my Library for copies to match and scanning my library and reporting illegally gotten songs to the RIAA. Apple likely does not want to do it but one lawsuit by the RIAA very would likely force their hand. I expect to see either the RIAA using iTunes Match data to file suits or Apple being forced to delete unauthorized songs.



The fact that iTunes Match service offers local downloads was music to my ears. Streaming is not an option for me because of bandwidth in my area. With a local copies on my devices I can rest assured that I don't have to put up with buffering and lossy tracks.

While I am not yet an iTunes Match customer yet, I will definitely make the commitment as soon as Apple can Match my Movies and TV Shows Library too.

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