6 iTunes Alternatives for Mac



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There are no alternatives to iTunes because nothing else will sync an iOS device,



At the price of free, Ecoute easily has most of the features anyone would need. JRiver's MediaCenter requires you to import all of your media into its own library, time consuming, and eats up a lot of drive space to have two libraries full of media. Plus it costs $40.00 which is twice the price of the most expensive software tested here. So I don't think that's a hands down winner considering iTunes is also free as well. It would have to do a lot more which I didn't see scanning through the Alpha features and don't want to try it because like I said before, I don't want two libraries taking up my hard drive space.


John Eje Thelin

Since AlbumPlayer is sadly not available for the Mac, the only real option is JRiver's MediaCenter, which may still be in beta, but beats all these contenders hands down in every category.

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