6 Things We'd Like to See in the New iPod



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Apple seems to miss those people like myself who need something in between the shuffle and classic. I have an iPone, so don't need a touch (it's just redundant). I just need more room than what the iPhone can hold, plus apps. I can't do both. Apple seemed to be obsessed with making the nanos smaller and smaller without increasing memory, while increasing the memory of the classic without touching the overall size. I would love to see a classic that was the size of the older nano, the 1 with the long screen and still have an 80- 100 gb hard drive.
Some people dismiss this by saying 'why do you need all your music?' I say "why wouldn't you want all your music? You never know what you might be interested in listening to at any given moment." Others say that iCloud will take care of all of this. Yah, if you have a connection. Try streaming music in an airplane or in the middle of a forest.



They should organize everything, change the name of iPod Touch to iPad Mini, make it slighty bigger than the new iPhone 5's since the touch is more of just a media/gaming/Internet device anyway, giving people the option of a cheaper and smaller iPad. This way there are still aspects of each device that people will want.

Then they should wipe out all other iPods except for the nano and shuffle, and just call the nano an iPod.

You end up with these choices:

iPad & iPad Mini
iPod & iPod Shuffle



I would leave the Nano and Touch, ditch the classic and shuffle, give Touch optional 3G, give the nano a bigger screen, a camera and wifi, and have iPod Touch's available in the same colors as the Nano


Paul K

I started with the iPod Touch 2G and now have an ipod Touch 4G. What I would like to see is the iPod Touch with the A5 processor and better cameras. Perhaps more memory would be good. I have the 64GB model and I have less than 8GB free. It does not have to look like the iPhone. Most people see my iPod Touch 4G and think it is the iPhone as it is.



don't think the various ipods are really needed...scrap them except the ipod touch...rename it the ipod, and give it the upgrades you describe above...leaving 3 distinctive and different products...

or leave one other ipod as well, say the nano, for music only purposes....

or try a 7" ipad/tablet thing as well, though the ipad is fine for me...just thinking that the htc 7" flyer is quite decent, but way too pricey considering its more expensive than the basic ipad...is there a market for a 7" or 8"' apple product...



This would easily compete with the 7-inch Android tablets coming out. Also, keep the retina display ppi = 1920 x 1280 (the competition now have 1280 x 800 resolution) thanks in advance!

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