7 Mountain Lion Bugs That Need to Be Squashed



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Simon Othen

many times on my mid2010 macbook pro with i5 and 4gb ram running mountain lion there are long pauses waiting for a app or just the finder / preference pane to open, please apple this is just not good enough .......either fix it or allow me to go back to snow leopard and include icloud, seeing as I can install icloud on my 10 ear old sonyvaio running windows XP, but not on snow leopard that is only 3 years old !!!!



Someone must have run out of fingers when they identified only 7 bugs that need to be fixed in ML. There are many more than that, one is the following:
Brought two new iMacs for Christmas. Migrated my stuff from an older iMac with no real issues. Had the dealer migrate my wife's PC stuff to the new machine. Had to do some of it myself particularly from her PC photo library to iPhoto. The main problem however has been Safari bookmarks. Most of the bookmarks got imported by the dealer when they did the transfer. Had to do the Firefox ones myself. The bookmarks all appear to be as expected except I can not add a new bookmark to the Bookmarks bar, a bookmark folder or sub-folder. Tried several things, exported to a folder and then imported to alphabetize still had the problem. Checked file permissions seem to be identical to what is on the other machine. Created a new user account, logged in fired up Safari, added Bookmarks to the Bookmark bar, folders all seemed to work. Tried a Reset. checked preferences nothing seems to work. Anybody have a clue what to do next?


Michael Wright

For all the pretty looks - Mountain Lion (Snow Leopard, Lion) is, in my opinion, a vastly overrated OS. I have had an iMac 27" since Nov 2010 - it has presented nothing but trouble, some niggly, some serious.

Hard disk failed completely - replaced at my expense - Apple finally admitted the HD in certain iMacs were faulty - got my costs refunded - 2 years after first complaining about the rubbish that is iMac.

Software problems are too many to cover here. Current one is Mail insists on trying to start at various times during the day (I do not use mail - but choose an alternative) - only way to shut it down is to force quit the app.

So, overall, my first experience of the wonderful world of Apple is an extremely poor one - will be looking for alternatives when my iMac finally dies (probably not too long now for that to happen).

The most advanced OS in the world. Really????


Chainat Wongtapan

I upgraded to ML from Snow leopard three weeks ago for my Mac Pro (2010 model). It was smooth upgrade and I was enjoy using ML. Three days ago, the screen started flickering which is really annoying. It restarted randomly with blue screen, and also refused to restart after. Reseting PRAM, SMC or performing clean install didn't help.

I decided to go to Genius bar and told them all scenarios I went through. They performed a hardware test with couple tools they have (can't remember exactly but one is called MRI) didn't find anything wrong with the hardware. At the end we decided to revert back to Snow Leopard and the problem seems to go away. I will wait until Apple has released a fix for this and will try upgrade to ML again in the future. Damm!



8 - Mac Mail is rubbish. Several times every day all the contents of my inbox completely disappear. They only slowly return after quitting and re-starting Mac Mail, its as though it thinks I have created the account from scratch every time.



In iMovie 9.0.8 the Title feature I use most is "Date and Time" in order to have the original footage stamp on my final project. The issue is that iMovie is now adding, in my case, 5 hours to the original time stamp. Date is ok but the hour is always off. Not sure if it's an iMovie problem or ML.



If you try to move a dock icon while in between spaces in Mission Control Mountain Lion locks up. I still cant figure out how to get out of it without a hard reset.



When I try to add a photo to contact, the edit window disappears when I click on the size adjuster and becomes a white screen behind the address book. When I finally succeed, after two or three tries, to add a photo, it often vanishes shortly afterward.

When I receive a photo in an email and press on "Save" it takes several clicks before I get the drop-down file menu.

Calendar keeps creating up to 15 untitled calendars in the "On My Mac" list. Most annoying!



It would be nice if the older iMacs worked for at least 10 to 20 years after you paid all that money for them. The average Mac life on whatever OS is out is 3 to 4 years. Now I ask you, is that fair to us dedicated
and hard working Mac users? I don't think so!



I have been having issues of my MBP with ML installed.
My computer just restarts out of the blue.... it is a pain!!!
Yesterday it happened 5 times..



Since I installed Mountain Lion on a slightly older MacBook Pro, upon restart it keeps searching for the network, keeps showing turn on wireless, etc. but it won't work. (I'm using an Airport Extreme Base Station) I can restart and do the PRAM and that 'might' work or reconnect, etc. I'm hoping the next updated might fix this issue. Have not had any issues with newer MacBook Pro or iMac. Any ideas?



i have problem n my mac book pro i have mountain lion system the problem is sometimes when the mac os finish booting the dock tab in desktop bottom do not appear so i need hiding it then show it again to back it to my desktop (sometimes i think the problem from windows 7 in the bootcamp) is it a bug or problem in my computer




What about sync notes from the iDevices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) and put them in the Notes application? Itunes do not sync the Notes but the new Desktop OS do not put them in the Notes application.

You can try to fix the bug manually (copy and paste every note) or using Time Machine to retrieve the file Notes.mbox


I had this problem - all the notes I wanted were "On My Mac", which vanished as soon as I upgraded (and weren't in the new Notes app either). In the end, I had to find the files which Mountain Lion had failed to migrate to the new app, in the following location: ~/Library/Mail/V2/Mailboxes/Notes.mbox/ There was one folder containing a whole bunch of numbered folders inside that. Going through each of the numbered folders right down to the "Messages" folder inside each, I found one or more files of the name format "nnnnn.emlx" (where "n" is a numeral). I copied all the .emlx files I found into a single (other) directory - as a backup in case something didn't work or I needed to do it again - then selected them all and dragged and dropped them onto the Notes app. It's pretty poor form that the upgrade process doesn't reliably handle On My Mac notes, but at least it's not too difficult to recover. Hope this works for others!

What a real bug!!!



Only 2 problems I have had so far, both of which aren't listed here.

Notification Centre freezing up, have to relog/reboot to fix.

Dock loads transparently, no glass effect on logon, have to switch user to fix. Also, mission control doesn't load properly and launchpad is very dark.



I noticed that in OS X Mountain Lion that the dock's indicators lights are very vague and hard to see. I am borderline OCD and like to know what applications are open, so it urks me to not be able to see them. I hope this gets fixed.



I agree that the dots are hard to see. I'm a new mac user and ML is my first OS X version that I've used. I noticed that switching the dock to the left side of my screen the dots change color to white and the doc has a dark background instead of the light colored background when it's on the bottom. So I like this better so I can know for sure which apps are open. Plus on my 13" screen (MBP) I have more screen realestate in a web browser than I did before.



Here's another bug I noticed: sometimes my Dock will lose all of its icons and all I have is a bare shiny metallic see-thru dock. I don't know what causes this. I have to logout and log back in for the Dock icons to reappear.



I'm still running the GM. And I have been running the Betas Since Feb. when the first one
Dropped (any developer who needs more then 2-3M to upgrade there app is a really bad

The only bug I've really had is WiFi issues but not with the GM.


Wally Marble

Related to ospreytc's comment: major problem with using an AT&T bellsouth.net extension for e-mail. Spent 25 hours with various tech support people who told me Apple and ATT were aware of the problem and were trying to develop fixes for it. The Apple Mail does not "hold" your server settings. They recommended giving up the old address and create a new AT&T.net e-mail address, which I did. Apple didn't want to help.

Another issue with Mountain Lion: Took my iMac to my nearby Apple store to install it. Got home and found nearly all my passwords vaporized with the elimination of Keychain. Cannot get my Apple ID to work any longer, nor is it recognizing my password. Apple tore can't fix that. E-mailed Apple support who was up posed to intact me within 48 hours. Never heard from them. Anybody experienced this with your Apple ID?



When the mac wakes from sleep, it ignores some swiping such as a 3/4 finger swipe up to go to springboard.. It seems like a fix is to turn off screensaver then go to terminal to reset it by typing:
killall -kill Dock

A fresh computer reboot will temporary get it working too..



You missed a pretty big and very frustrating problem. An incredible amount of people are reporting Mac Mail issues related to Exchange accounts. It is directly related to Mountain Lion and the updated Mac Mail. Some Apple Support Community entries, including myself, find issues related to mysterious changing of Internal and external server addresses. Apple has beed repeatedly notified. Some fixes work; some do not. Some people are reporting several days of an annoying loss of exchange mail.

I and a few others were able to fix Exchange accounts. There are other fixes.
1 Deleting and re-establishing Exchange account; though it did have missing and changed server info upon re-established account.
2 Going to the "Advanced" window under "Accounts" in Mail and rechecking both SSL blocks. They seem to mysteriously become unchecked.
3 Re-insert the internal and external server info. I used a "mail-serv" for internal but and an "owa" for the external. That is IMAP. Odd, but effective. It seemed to find the "mail-serv" address automatically. But it would not function.
4 Checked "Auto Discovery" and "Passive" under Advanced section of Network. I am unsure if this one is necessary.

That seems to have brought back all my mail.

A few people inserted the IP address number into the server info which they claim to work.
Many people have had no fix and are quite frustrated.

Needless to say - "Back Up" all data.



RUSE for mac crashes if you try to play a game. Talked to UbiSoft about it and they said "talk to Apple, not our fault"...



I'm somewhat of a newbie to Apple...only been a fan for about 2.5 years, but I am getting unhappy with all the constant updates and releases of new OS (barely a year since Lion). Lion was a major upgrade and after some patience and configuring I was able to upgrade without issue. But, it seems Apple did not give Mountain Lion (ML) the same consideration prior to release. Also, for the life of me I cannot understand why they do not provide major third party app providers beta copies so they can have their products ready to upgraged when new systems are released. I have a least two major programs that I need almost daily that are not ML compatable yet. Additionally, from what I have read, seen and reviewed it appears to me that this should have been an update to Lion rather than an upgrade to a new OS. IMHO.


Old Unix Guy

Filed a bug report with Apple on this one. I can crash Safari anytime I want by simply using command T to open a new tab, selecting a bookmark from my bookmarks bar, and repeating as rapidly as I can do it. After 2 - 6 new tabs Safari crashes.

Interestingly enough, opening a series of tabs via a bookmark folder does not cause this behavior. You have to be opening tabs manually one at a time...



I don't know why anybody would need to open 6 new tabs fast in succession like that.



I have different ones (the ones mentioned in the article did not disturb me)
Some flickering on login screen sometimes on my macbook pro (which is updated to Mountain Lion) and no flickering on Mac Pro (which is clean install). However, I can live with it.
The one that really disturbs me is: Duplicate or Save As is not reverting to original anymore after upgrade to Mountain Lion and saves the original file with all the changes. To get back an additional step is required which is easy to forget or is an extra step.



I agree. I wasn't aware of this and what was happening until I did some research. Can't understand why they did this. Seems like they think they're going to help you out but they made it more confusing . I'd like to help them out but I can't find the door they came in.



I haven't had any of those problems on either my MacBook Pro or my iMac. I've been using Mountain Lion since launch day and it's been a dream. Not a single hiccup.



Jittery Windows, Safari page loading

Since upgrading my 6 months old iMac, I am experiencing terrible jittery windows when opening, closing, minimising, mission controlling, hot corner desktop etc.

Whenever I move a window, it judders as it moves, and bounces around 10 times as it arrives.

Also when scrolling, it's very jerky, and fast scrolling jitters.

Taking it into Apple Store tomorrow by appointment for a fault finding, and it seems to affect other upgraders too, looking at the internet.

Having spent an hour on the phone to Apple Tech.

0800 048 0408 in the UK, at least the call was free.

Talked through many startup options, but didn't really get anywhere after 20+ restarts.

Safari ... doesn't want to load pages, either by links or typed in, have to press enter several times.

Preview, extremely slow to load at times.



After my visit to the UK Apple Store Genius! Bar, and having a series of ethernet based hardware tests, which showed my iMac was OK, I was advised to do a clean install.

So I backed up to Time Machine, wiped the HDD, re-installed ML, manually transferred data from TM, and hey presto, my iMac now works perfectly !!!



Safari 6 cure for web pages not loading ?

Removing all extensions seems to do the trick about web pages not loading.

I tried other things, as mentioned in a Google search, but this is the one that works for me.



The only bug I've found so far (for me anyway), is the little lock that appears in the lower left corner. When it is locked, I go to click it to unlock and nothing happens. I have to restart my computer in order to unlock the lock. Very slightly annoying, but livable.



I only recently upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion I have not had one single issue that this article speaks about. After reading I feel really bad about having this happen to anyone. Good luck!

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