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I felt I had to register and make this post after reading the statement "No One Does iPhone Week View Pretty." I used to agree. But i've since started using Calvetica. I think it's the most aesthetically pleasing of all the calendar apps i've downloaded. does a really good looking week view..two different style of week view to boot. Unfortunately they've said they have no plans on making an iPad version :(



I agree totally with the comments on Calvetica, it's lovely, clean clear with good features.

I plan to buy iPad2 when it comes out, what a shame there will be no ipad version of Calvetica.



The built in calendar app on iPhone works nicely with gmail calendar. I even get push updates like MobileMe. You have to set it up like an exchange calendar. Best of all it's FREE.



If you're going to sync with Google Calendar, why not just use Exchange? It's built into gmail, over the air, has push functionality, is provided by google, and extremely easy to set up. Plus, you can use the iPhone's built-in calendar app. The instructions are on google's website. Just search for "iphone sync google exchange"

It also supports push email and push contacts. It's really convenient to have one always up-to-date and synced contacts list on your gmail and phone. You also never have to plug your phone into your computer to sync contacts, calendars, or mail because it's all done automatically over the air.



Exchange (ActiveSync) support is nice and is easy to set up, but look at the documented known limitations first (tried to include a link, but the spam filter would not let me). For me, trying to delete mail and actually having the mail archived did not make sense, which is why I decided not to do this. Setting up a Gmail (or Google Apps) account is just as easy as Exchange, and you can select calendars and email (but not contacts). Everything syncs over the air, just like if you used ActiveSync. Contacts don't change very often, so I'm OK getting them sync'd when connected to iTunes.

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