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I'm just glad that the FCC eliminated the blackout rules. Now I'll actually be able to watch a Red Sox game if I decide to subscribe to MLB.TV.

Before the blackout rules were removed, you couldn't watch your favorite teams games, unless your favorite team was a hundred miles away, like a Blue Jays fan who lives in California or a Seahawks fan who lives in Texas. But if you wanted to watch a Red Sox or a Yankee game in New England, you were out of luck.

At least this year I'll actually be able to make use of the MLB.TV 'channel' on my Apple TV. I wonder if more people will subscribe now that they'll be able to watch their favorite teams games without dealing with blackout restrictions, and also if that increase will lower the price of MLB.TV subscriptions. Any thoughts?



Nice concise article.

While I'm sure apple is has something in the works for a major new apple TV, it might not even be called that, never mind be compatible with old generation.

No matter the rumors, nor what people want, I have to point out that the current Apple TV:

1) has a SINGLE CORE A5 processor, that means LESS power than an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.
2) has 8GB of memory to work with (compare that with 16GB minimum on any iPad sold today).

— This is just enough to stream 1080p/DD5.1 video & audio, not powerful enough for anything more.

Do not expect to ever see an update for game apps or any other apps other than apps to stream TV, Movies, audio (& AirPlay). Yes, there will be more channels, but, no, there will not be games or other apps made available.

So, again, while Apple is surely working on something major, don't expect anything more out of current apple TV, there will not be a major upgrade, it does all it was ever intended to do now. (In fact, when Apple designed the 3rd gen. Apple TV, they used an A5 processor with only 1 core active, then, in March 2013, they made some changes to save production costs, now it has a single-core A5 processor in it, no wasted hardware not being used, and they also made some other tweaks which makes it consume less power. This puts Apple TV between iPad 1&2/iPhone 4&4S as far as processing power goes...closer to the 1 or 4 actually. It takes a dual-core A5 processor to be capable of doing Siri or turn-by-turn maps directions, so don't expect to ever see a siri-enabled update to current apple tv.)

It's a great little set-top box for TV & Movies, your iTunes library, and AirPlay with iOS/Mac on an HDTV, but, that's all it's going to be. People need to be realistic if they think they should have an app store for current apple tv, it's not going to happen.



what the hell is wrong with you people, where you auto play a commercial when I click on a news link?

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