Apple's Insanely Great Mistakes: Mobile Edition



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I actually love the 3G Shuffle, it's the best one, IMO. The shape is so much better than the squarish ones and I don't care about the buttons. People need buttons because, basically, they're stupid.

I would replace it on this list with the iPhone bluetooth headset. Apple made a wonderful little headset that looked great but would not stay in your ear unless you got a hook from Motorola and put it on. Also, the sound quality was atrocious, they tended to go dead in about three months and since they were quickly cancelled I'd imagine they did not sell well. They replaced three for me and the one I have now doesn't really work but I save it just in case my Jawbone dies on me. Did I mention it looked great?




OK the ROKR, that was bad but as you said not really Apple's mistake

The Newton was just oversold. If they had not touted the handwriting to text part it would have done better. The hardware was good for it's time and what it did well was amazing.

The QuickTake was overpriced and under specked. I'll give you the "Mistake" on that one.

The original iPad case might not be your favorite but Mistake is a bit harsh. There are a lot of third party full cover folio type cases on sale today. You even featured one, the DODOcase, in last weeks article on "Cases Worth Buying".

MobileMe a mistake? I'm sorry that's just wrong. It was a good service and if the Apple boards are any judge there's a lot of people who are sorry to see the core features, like web hosting, dropped. I used MobileMe a lot, going all the way back to when it was iTools. I don't see much in iCloud that I will use. I will convert to iCloud (I won't call it upgrade because for me it's a huge step backwards) to keep my mail addresses current but I see very little else there that interests me.

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