Is Apple's Mac App Store Going to be a Level Playing Field for Developers?



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I foresee a closed desktop system soon. Folks will need to jailbreak their own computers. This is great news for Linux as people (those who can think for themselves anyway) will flock to a system that returns control to them. I too have been an Apple user since Apple II. Their chosen path saddens me.
Maybe Linux, OpenBSD, etc. should work together on a marketing campaign that helps people understand that there is a choice. One of freedom from big brother. I suggest a marathon runner with a sledgehammer who shatters a display of a dictator, freeing the masses of their brainwashing. :-)



It's all about more control and more profit. Has anybody ever missed an App store for OS X? No, of course not. Why is Apple doing this then? How about the 30% they are getting from every sale in the app stores?

For software publishers, this means they have to share with Apple, less for them. This means less cake to split and on the long run: less publishers who can survive: less choice in software.

I hate to say it, as a life-time Apple user, but this is another step of Apple becoming the new Microsoft.



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