Benchmarking the MacBook Pro with Retina Display



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mac ppc g4 owner

OK, I need to get a job! (kinda hard at 15) so i can upgrade to Intel and Retina!



... I have one question left to ask. Does the MacBook Pro come with a Retina Display?



There are different models of Macbook Pro lineup. Go to to check it out.



... the difference is not only the display. And I guess there is no need saying some of the specs over and over again. Thats what you put in the beginning and thats it. After that all is needed is something short, els you should also say the processor, the 16gb ram and so on. Thats all different from model to model.
While reading the article I mostly had the impression that the author was totally excited about the display but rather than writing a paragraph or two about it he had to slip it in as much as possible all over the place.

But don't get me wring, I just got a little annoyed by it. The article was (or better is) a rather interesting read.

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