Everything You Need to Know About Google Drive



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Actually it is possible to access Google Drive on the iPad. I use an app called DocSync which allows me to access and edit my Google Drive files AND my Dropbox files on the iPad. It also lets me remotely access and edit any of my files on my computer from my iPad as well. I would recommend trying this app out if you want to use Google Drive on the iPad.



"That said, users can also choose to share only select subfolders -- simply choose Sync options from the Google Drive preferences, tick “Only sync some folders to this computer” and then select or deselect folders at will. There’s a separate box for syncing Google Docs files, which essentially enables or disables offline viewing for them."

Nope. This is actually not possible, only within the folders in the root level of Google Drive, which is very dissapointing...

Anybody tried?

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