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I tried to use Match and the message I got was that my library exceeded the 25K song limit and therefore not allowed to sign up.

Other than deleting 7k of songs is there any other option?



Just to clarify, first you upload your library. Then everything that matched shows back up in your library with the little cloud next to it. Then do you actually have to re-download the files to play them or do they stream?



Hi Ben,

No, when you first turn on iTunes Match, only your Library.xml file gets uploaded to the cloud. That file is like a database of pointers to your music files on your hard drive that also includes your comments, your ratings, etc. Then Apple examines that file, and if any of the line items (tracks/songs) in that file "Match" the songs/tracks/files they already have on their music servers (like 20 million songs!), then those songs/files don't NEED to be uploaded. The only songs/files that need to be uploaded are line items (tracks/songs) that do NOT "Match" up with those 20 million songs/tracks on Apple's servers.

And so, when you want to PLAY one of your tracks in iTunes, nothing will change at all. The song/file that plays will still be the file that's on your local hard drive.

Now, this all changes when you have iTunes on another computer. When you turn on iTunes Match on that other computer, BOOM! ALL of the tracks that are in your original Library.xml file (from your first computer) will automagically show up in iTunes on THAT computer! Very cool.

Then, when you PLAY one of these new songs on the new computer, that file will DOWNLOAD from the cloud to your local hard drive, and start playing as soon as there's enough song data downloaded. Very cool!



Thank you very much for the clarification!

It will be great when I have an iMac at home with all my music and I take my MBP to work.



Now that I have uploaded all 6306 files to iTunes Match, can I delete them from my hard-drive? I would like to free up the space, if possible.

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