Everything You Need to Know About Siri



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mike Hartman

Siri appears to be a big step forward. I would return to iPhone if it provided a reliable voice turn-by-turn navigation app. Having Google navigation with very accurate voice turn-by-tune commands, for FREE, on my Android give the Android a big leg up, IMO.


Jonathan Rowson

Any word on whether or not Siri requires 3G or WiFi to work it's magic? I live in a rural area where 3G service is spotty if not non-existant, and that would be a deal breaker.



"Since Siri requires a lot of computing power, including a wide bandwidth for its data cache, for now it’s an iPhone 4S exclusive"

But that doesn't explained why Siri is not out for the iPad2 which has the same hardware as the iPhone4S and a higher clock speed.



Good point. Could be an exclusivity thing. Could be a marketing tactic. But it's definitely something we should consider looking into.

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