Face Off: iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8



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Hugh Tiernan

i disagree with you on the homescreen... Windows Phone definately comes out on top. iOS is too plain and being unchanged for years has left it boring!



I agree on the home screen (& this coming from a die heart Apple fan). I would choose Microsoft's live tile format over iOS every time. WIth that said, I will still be purchasing the new iPhone on day 1 of its release. Come on Apple, give us more choices with the home screen!



I agree, the home screen is quite nice. Although, I've come to realize that a lot depends on the choice of wallpaper on the iPhone.



Well done review, it's incredibly refreshing to read one here which isn't ignorantly biased. The iPhone will be king for some time to come, but it's nice to see some variation in the marketplace with regards to updated technologies, and platforms.

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