First Look: Hands-on with OnLive Desktop for iPad



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Another option for accessing Windows applications from iPads is Ericom AccessNow, a pure HTML5 RDP client that enables iPad users to connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server (RDS Session Host), physical desktops or VDI virtual desktops – and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

Ericom‘s AccessNow does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other underlying technology to be installed on end-user devices – an HTML5 browser is all that is required.

You can choose to run a full Windows desktop or just a specific Windows app, and that desktop or Windows app will appear within a browser tab.

For more info, and to download a demo, visit Ericom's site and look for AccessNow.

Note: I work for Ericom



Hold on!!! Why would I want to run Windows on my iPad? I don't run it on my Mac (except on those occasions I need to check and see how badly Internet Explorer is mangling my HTML/CSS)... As someone else said, it's akin to pulling a Corvette behind a horse.



Isn't Windows on an iPad much like pulling a Corvette behind a horse?



NEED CANADA VERSIONNNNN.... windows 7 on my ipad??? I really want That.



Spoke with an OnLive representative and they said it will be rolled outside of the US at a later time & date. Even though they allowed me to sign up for an account and no where on their website stated it was US only.



ok got the free act. logged on to ONLIVE but all I get is a bunch of games how do I get to the windows desktop? any help...



I am waiting on OnLive to release it in the Canadian App store even though I signed up for the free account and cannot try it yet since I do not have a US iTunes account.

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