First Look: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac



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From what I gather you can run a server edition of Snow Leopard on Parallels now but not a desktop. I would not be surprised about some hack to make it work. But I do not know of one myself. I thought the same thing as sometimes I have had issues with Lion.



Currently Parallels is having problems with the 7 installation. There are a number of people, including me that have it installed on their machines and it is significantly increasing (2-3 times) the boot up times on the computers (not the VM, but booting up your mac) and double booting issues. Parallels doesn't have a solution to this yet, everything they have sent me doesn't work. If I were looking at upgrading from 6 to 7, I would save your money until they get these issues worked out. Currently Parallels latest solution to me is to go back to using 6 until they issue an update, or use a solution that a user has posted on the forum. Just my .02.



If installed under Lion can Snow Leopard be run in Parallels? Or vice versa ?



I use VirtualBox. It does everything I need. It's easy to set up. Best of all it's free. Has anyone compared VirtualBox and Parellels? Is Parellels really worth $80 more than VirtualBox?



I can't even instal Windows Vista. It sits at the Installtion screen. Then when I quit and restart says Windows Error Recovery. and then it starts windows normally. and then sits on the windows loading screen. I would buy windows 7 if i was actually going to use it.



I don't really want to give Parallels 7 and total thumbs down. It does run better then Parallels 6 on Lion and it is faster although hardware has to be there to help it do that. I have only 2GB of RAM on my 2010 Macbook Air and it shows in Parallels 7. I upgraded thinking Parallels might have tweaked it enough to help the memory issues. But alas I was dreaming that VM ware can solve a problem when you need more then a virtual solution. I needed more RAM!
I mostly just use Parallels to run Windows 7 for Internet Explorer. I really should have opted long ago to just run BootCamp and save myself the frequent upgrade costs of Parallels hoping for a fix for my slow Mac's (My other Mac was a Mac Mini). In the end Parallels does about as good as any Virtual Ware can do. In the end your experience depends mostly on your hardware and not Parallels.

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