Five Things You Need to Know About the Verizon iPhone 4



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Something else to think of is if they truly do come out with an iPhone 5 for Verizon's 4G LTE network is battery life. I don't know how many people I come across that have an Evo and talk about how fast the 4G service is but...oh yeah, they never use it cause it drains the battery so fast. :) Just because a device is coming out for a faster network doesn't necessarily make it a better "phone".



Same with you guys, looking and exploring new kind/brand of Iphone soon to out in the market like the Verizon.

security systems


Barbara Budlow

I have been very patient waiting for Verizon to finally have the technology for us Apple diehards to take advantage of. I have already placed my name of the Verizon email list for the new phone/ Hooray !!!



I really cant see them releasing the IPHONE 4 in FEB and then JUNE have an IPHONE 5. That wouldnt make sense to all the millions of customers that purchase it, and then offer a discount after a few months? They have never done that before. Im not sure why they would eat the cost of the IPHONE 4 and also the 5 within a few months. Does that sound feasible to Verizon to eat up at least $600 or more in subsidized costs after both phones are out for the same customer?

From a business perspective, Verizon would be eating a huge costs if a customer does that upgrade, that wouldnt pay off for awhile. I cant see them doing that, but would be nice to customers. But then, why not just wait for the IPHONE 5 if it is truly coming out in the summer. That would have made more sense. To me, sounds as if APPLE said take this now, and then you will have to wait a year before the other one is available.

from another article

"It’s unlikely that customers can snag an iPhone 4 today and upgrade in the summer, and that means waiting around for a new iPhone to become affordable and for your upgrade time to roll around, while the rest of the world gets to use a newer, better device. Whether the iPhone 4 is worth it in that regard is up to each individual customer."

This is more likely the truth than Verizon upgrading the customer at a high costs, that would not make sense to me.



Quote:The Wall Street Journal is reporting that analysts think Verizon will likely sell seven million to 13 million iPhones this year, and no one wants a mob of a few million disgruntled customers waving torches and pitchforks in front of corporate headquarters.

Really? AT&T has enjoyed that virtual mob for years and managed to ignore it.



Quote: you'll be paying an early-termination fee of $325...It'll also cost you $265 to get out of your contract.

I'm confused, are there two different fees you have to pay AT&T to get out of a June-or-later contract?

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