Freshmen Cloud Wars: Google Drive vs. Microsoft SkyDrive vs. LogMeIn Cubby



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Marek Ciesla

There is new startup that solves storing, speed and privacy problems - It never sync but let's users download on demand from virtual disc more than terrabyte sized files.



Any reason MS hasn't put this in the Mac App store as free app?
They have the WP7 connector, so I was wondering if this violated rules the app store would require.
I wouldn't mind trying the skydrive out but MS seems to find a way to put holes in OS-X for malware.
So far every vulnerble area of a Mac is: Flash, Word (Office in gen), Java.
Call me leery, but I almost hate to instal anything from MS, especially if its not thru the app store.

I would love to see an article about what you are giving away by using these services. I heard that if you use the Google drive that ANYTHING you put up there is able to be used by Google in ANY way they want. So you can't really use it for anything personal.



"Dropbox only recently made this quite appealing by adding a “Get link” option for easier sharing"
Not sure how long you have been using DropBox? This feature has been in it for at least a year.



I think the distinction is that until recently, you had to have a file in your Public folder for Dropbox to give you that public link option. Now you can do it from anywhere in your Dropbox folder. A welcome addition.



Great article, I have all three (well access to SkyDrive, but don't use it). I like each in their own way. So hopefully all three will have decent free to cheap plans for us on the budget side of things. Again Great article.

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