The Future of Apple Design: 2017 iScroll



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Freeman Thun

I had the same idea quite a numbers of years ago, also heard that Microsoft is working on the similar prototype as well. The only problem is how to harden the "scroll" after it is pulled out. If a material/fabric that has a controllable hardness by the means of small voltage/current/static charge/magnetic field, etc. as what we have seen in the "Batman Begin" exist or being invented, then the i-scroll will be perfected.



This would be really cool but , the thing is that for gaming or watching videos and stuff , you have to have a solid surface like the iPad , and it shouldn't be see through . But this product is revolutionary . It would be great if it would come out in 2011 and if it would be cheaper



More like 2TB of RAM, and make that keyboard a full keyboard, I could see the bottom of it folding a little, that way you could use it as a laptop/phone/e-read/app. :)



OK, where do we pre-order?



very nice! i'm drooling.

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