The Future of Apple Design: Today's Magic, Tomorrow's Reality

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The Future of Apple Design: Today's Magic, Tomorrow's Reality

Everyone wants to know what Apple's next big thing will be. So we gazed into our crystal ball to glimpse these four ripped-from-the-future prototypes of devices that apple could make in the years ahead.


The age of wonder is just beginning. Each morning, we shove devices into our pockets that, as kids, we could only goggle at on Star Trek. Now we can Google on them, and that’s not even vaguely impressive. We live in an era when every day sees past science fiction become contemporary mundane reality, and like you, that only whets our thirst for more.

With Apple’s talent for staggering us with innovative design, Cupertino will likely be at the forefront of our culture’s next big holy-crap gadget. Just as surely, Jobs & Co. will keep it nailed down under bulletproof wraps right up until they’re good and ready to tell the world about it.

It’s that culture of secrecy, combined with Apple’s gotta-have-it track record, that makes it such a blast to dream, speculate, and even hope for what might be next. New iPads and iPhones are sure things in the coming year, but we set our sights much higher. What will we be lining up for in 2012 and 2013? How about 2017? And how will these devices transform our lives and make us look back on the heyday of the iPhone with a nostalgic twinge?

For answers, Mac|Life’s editors delved into the most cutting-edge trends and developments in technology, then applied them to the product categories that Apple dominates. While all of the resulting prototypes that we’re unveiling here are our creations, we’ve made sure that the tech behind them actually exists, and we show you how Apple could really be putting it to use. And we didn’t even nick anything from a Redwood City bar to do it.



2012: AppleVision

2013: iPad 3D

2015: MacBook Eco

2017: iScroll

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