Group Test: 6 of the Best Web Browsers



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It is sort of silly to laud Firefox for being so extensible and then damn it for relying on its add-ons to do the blocking. I'm not sure about everything, but I bet that Firefox is at the top of almost any feature list when you include the add-ons.



I love the finesse Chrome has but find that when I'm e-filing documents in Federal Courts, Chrome simply does not work (read=completely unable to upload documents onto court's website); so I use Safari with the Courts and Chrome for everything else. Speed seems the same to me, but what do I know.- I'm no techie : )



You guys really dropped the ball here. What's the point in comparing Safari 5 when version 6 is about to be released in July? You can download the beta version for Lion and Mountain Lion now. I'm running Safari 6 in Mountain Lion and it's much faster and feature filled than version 5. Also Sleipnir is not that bad at all. It's based on Webkit so it's blazing fast and has a very unique approach to a browser UI. Also the guys at Sleipnir had pinch to zoom in on open tabs first now it's implemented in Safari 6.



Chrome as a built in bookmark sync if you a profile.

Nice overall review.


jack jack jack

iCab was just updated



Wow Safari They tested must not be Apple's. Where the one they tested fails Apple's does great, and does great where they are worst at



Their review was spot on with my experience.



Safari's address bar is already set to unify in Mountain Lion, so that really should not have been an issue here, I think. Besides, I hate unified address bars anyway. Maybe that's because when I am typing in an address, I already know exactly where I'm going. If I don't know, that's when I use the search field. I've always hated the unified approach, because I hate having to do a two-step to get to the site I want to go to.



Seems to you have things a bit backwards. If anything, not having a unified address bar is the two-step. Where is this second step you are referring to in a unified bar?

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