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Ryan Salvanera

Is there a way to sync and view folders that my friends have shared to me on my mac? I can view them on the web as well as iOS but cannot seem to find a way to sync on my Mac via the app.



I converted my Hotmail account to Outlook.com and have been on Hotmail for a LONG LONG time, so how do I get the 25GB storage also?



I have been using this for a few months now. It's Great!
I have the app on both iPhone and Mac. I had an old Live.com so I have the 25GB I received for free.
Microsoft is Really changing some things for the better. The new Outlook.com email is really Good as well.

I love my Mac, enjoy every minute with it, but that does not translate to I Must Hate everything Microsoft.
I am a minority, I am sure, but the new Outlook email, SkyDrive, Office 2013 are all excellent products.



I'm also on your side iMac.27: Skydrive works great (I have a couple of accounts, worth 25gb each), Outlook is a big improvement over Hotmail, and everything plays great with my Mac devices (all of them). It did have a terrible Mac and iOS app in the beginning, but thankfully has improved. Still some improvement to be done on the sharing side, think Dropbox does a better job. One aditional thing: you can use Otixo.com to consolidate all you cloud services, it just works; I have my Skydrive, Dropbox and SugarSync accounts all under the same web interface (no iOS app yet ...)

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